Dr. Naè Thompson Excelling at the Helm of a Modern Public Relations Company for Artists

Dr. Naè Thompson Excelling at the Helm of a Modern Public Relations Company for Artists

Public figures, especially musical artists, need a game plan to drive public perception and their communications with the public. It is important to put some ordered steps together to get the best results in their career. Dr. Enaysha Thompson, also known as Dr. Naè, is an expert publicist and the founder of NTPR Agency and Management Group. The agency is involved with many artists, especially independent artistry, helping them navigate their careers to make sure they maximize their brands in the public eye using positive PR. Dr. Naè is an artist manager, senior publicist, and visibility strategist whose foresight brought NTPR Agency and Management Group to life.

With her 16+ years of experience, Dr. Naè has been trusted with many artists’ careers. Her work has been featured in press campaigns, award shows and events, digital platforms, traditional print media, and broadcast houses. She prides herself in knowing her options and exudes confidence in her ability to help upcoming artists manage their image effectively. Describing herself, she said, “I have laser-sharp instincts which help many of my clients navigate the choppy waters of public relations while protecting them, growing their visibility, amplifying their voices, projects, and business ventures worldwide. I apply strong expertise and vision in strategic planning and implementation for independent artistry development, marketing, events, and media relations.”

Dr. Enaysha Thompson’s journey into public relations started in 2003 when she was a student at the University of the Pacific. She was an education/psychology transfer student heavily invested in the music industry herself. She had no clue about the music business, but she knew she needed to grasp it and quickly changed directions obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations & Music Business Management in 2005. In the last 16 years, Dr. Naè has acquired another bachelor’s in Education and two master’s degrees—Executive Leadership from Liberty University in 2014, Public Relations Strategies from Full Sail University in 2016, and a doctorate in Sociology from SBLU in 2020. She has dedicated a chunk of her life to making herself well-grounded in the music business to deliver the best results to her clients. “For every artist that seeks my services, I know what they’re facing, and I know what they want to see happen as an artist. It’s always a great pleasure for me to walk with them on their journey,” she says.

Her visionary leadership at NTPR Agency & Management Group has pushed beyond the boundaries of music marketing. NTPR Agency has grown into one of the fastest-growing PR agencies in the Southeastern Region with a professional team of publicists, digital marketers, project managers, graphic designers, and video editors working in-house.

Some of her outstanding works at NTPR Agency include the solidification of ELEV8 Magazine’s relationship with the Stellar Awards in 2017 and garnering the partnership between RYZE Magazine and God’s House of Hip-Hop (GH3) Radio in 2019. Very recently, the agency pinned the partnership between The Basketball League (TBL) and RYZE Magazine for the official TBL Theme Song “TBL Up” for the 2021 season, which had two of NTPR Agency’s clients, Ken Surry and DaLomonze, as finalists in the national contest. Dr. Naè is currently establishing industry deals and tour opportunities which will open more doors for artists that work with the agency. Dr. Enaysha Thompson is a visionary who has made her mark in the music scene and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Learn more about Dr. Enaysha Thompson, also known as Dr. Naè, on her official website. Also, check out the agency’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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