AuthenticFab Guarantees Authenticity With Each Designer Piece

AuthenticFab Guarantees Authenticity With Each Designer Piece

A beautiful luxury designer item is an irresistible statement piece for many fashion enthusiasts and collectors. While buying brand-new designer goods may not be accessible to everyone, numerous sellers provide pre-loved luxury items for a fraction of the original price. The downside of buying previously owned designer pieces is a certain level of uncertainty surrounding the item’s authenticity. AuthenticFab is a purveyor of new and pre-loved authentic luxury designer pieces that value their clientele’s peace of mind. This company has made it its core mission to bring only authentic designer goods for their clients.

AuthenticFab is fast becoming the go-to online marketplace for previously-owned luxury designer items. The company sources its items locally and internationally by finding clients who want to sell, trade, or consign with them. They offer an extensive range of resale items such as runway pieces, accessories, shoes, timeless vintage pieces and highly-coveted designer bags.

True to the company’s name, AuthenticFab guarantees the authenticity of every designer piece they have listed on their site. In an industry awash with a seemingly endless supply of counterfeits, their team understands that no one wants to spend money on a designer item only to learn that it is a fake. To ensure the authenticity of the pieces they offer, the company uses the industry-preferred artificial intelligence tool to determine that each item is genuine. These AI tools use algorithms that authenticate designer pieces with 99.1% accuracy. With this technology, there is less than a 1% chance of an AuthenticFab listing being counterfeit. This is a company that does not sell any fakes, and they stand by this principle.

Aside from providing luxury pieces at more accessible price points, AuthenticFab also uses its platform to educate its clientele. New collectors and fashion enthusiasts may not be aware of the different ways to determine if a designer item is genuine or not. This company engages with the community and teaches them how to spot counterfeit items. They also offer insight into the different brands they carry and why it is worth investing in their pieces. The company also provides advice on styling tips and how to pair luxury pieces with everyday fashion staples.

AuthenticFab has paved the way for many individuals whose dream is to have a collection of designer clothes, shoes, bags, or accessories. The company is committed to making luxury more accessible without sacrificing quality. They offer pre-loved items on their marketplace, but they also provide curation and pre-order items for individuals looking for designer pieces that better fit their unique needs and style. A quick consultation with one of the company’s representatives will take clients one step closer to the closet of their dreams. 

AuthenticFab has built a reputation as a reliable marketplace for previously-owned luxury and designer items. Providing items such as couture pieces, designer shoes, luxury bags, and vintage collectibles, this company has stayed true to its mission to provide authentic, affordable, and accessible luxury. Each item they offer is hand-picked and authenticated through top industry standards. At AutheticFab, they help maintain trust in authentic, fabulous luxury.

AuthenticFab is a purveyor of new and pre-loved luxury designer pieces. More information about the company is available on their website.

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