FemmeSchool Offers Women Community for Connection and Self-Healing

FemmeSchool Offers Women Community for Connection and Self-Healing

Kyla Plaxton, acupressurist and creator of FemmeSchool
Members Learn Acupressure to Reconnect With Their Bodies

March 31, 2021 – Women wanting to network with other women so they can interact, be supported and learn self-healing and care through the ancient practice of acupressure now have a home at FemmeSchool, an on-line support community.

FemmeSchool is the creation of noted acupressurist Kyla Plaxton, who sensed a need for women to connect during a time when everyday interactions have been severely disrupted. She saw how many clients felt alone, stressed and overworked with the additional responsibilities the pandemic has brought to them, unable to enjoy activities such as going to the gym or yoga studio or even visiting a doctor’s office for minor ailments such as insomnia. Through FemmeSchool, she is now able to bring women together from all over the world into a safe, non-judgemental space where they can share their joys and frustrations, self-doubts and self-assurances while learning how to use acupressure to relax and self-heal.

“After my first Acupressure Class in FemmeSchool, I had my best sleep after three months of insomnia,” says FemmeSchool member, Moriah Rose. “Not only that, but I slept great all week and dramatically changed my environment within two weeks. Using Acupressure Points not only healed my insomnia, it had me listen to my body and intuition and to take action in a clear and powerful way!”

Zeta Lay, another FemmeShool member, states,” I’ve been dealing with chronic headaches due to stress, night-time jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Even though I sleep with a mouth guard which alleviates some of my symptoms, there are times I wake up in the middle of the night with a headache. The pressure points make a big difference in alleviating my symptoms allowing me to go back to sleep. I use them anytime I start to feel tension building in my head.

FemmeSchool is an on-line community for women who struggle with body pain and mental health where they can reconnect with their body to heal themselves through non-invasive acupressure techniques. There are weekly, optional live sessions every Monday at 9 AM and 6:30 PM Pacific Time.

For more information, go to: https://femmeschool.mn.co/

Kyla Plaxton is an acupressurist in British Columbia with over 20 years of experience and was named Fastest Growing Business by the British Columbia Acupressure Therapist Association (BCATA) within six months of starting her practice. She helps women learn how to listen to and trust their bodies in order to self-heal. Her motto is, Less social pressure, more acupressure.

Discover more at: https://kylaplaxton.com/

For more information, please contact: Kyla Plaxton at hi@kylaplaxton.com

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