Environmentally Conscious Search Engine OCG Donates all Ad Revenue to Helping Clean the Ocean

The oceans and marine life have never been in greater danger. The search engine OCG has committed itself to helping the cause.

March 31, 2021 – Finding ways to help the environment while doing everyday tasks is a top priority for many people. With more people online than ever, the innovative, environmentally-minded search engine OCG is using that principle to help clean the oceans. In exciting news, OCG has announced that they are donating all of their advertising revenue from the search engine to fund ocean clean up operations. So far, OCG users are responsible for removing over 443,000 pounds of trash and garbage from the world’s oceans. This effort has been met with serious enthusiasm.

“We all use a search engine multiple times a day, so why not have that energy be spent to help our endangered oceans and marine life?” asked a spokesperson from OCG. “That’s the foundation of what we are doing and it is really energizing that it has been such a great success so far. And it will only continue to grow!”

The search engine is completely free to use, making it a powerful way to help the environment even for those who are in challenging financial circumstances. In addition to ocean cleanup operations, OCG also supports local marine life rescue, marine life rehabilitation and centers that educate on these important subjects. The seven sea turtle species, are among the marine life that has been helped by the organization’s efforts.

Users of OCG have given the search engine and its environmental efforts remarkably positive feedback.

Jay S., from San Diego, recently said in a five-star review, “My girlfriend told me about OCG because she knows how important the ocean is to me. It’s fantastic to be able to use their search engine and know that it’s helping clean the oceans. What an amazing idea!”

For more information be sure to visit https://ocg.org.

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