PeachPay is Democratizing One-Click Checkout

Eliminating frictional eCommerce checkout flows.

A new era of convenience is on the horizon for online shoppers. The online stores that will prosper will all have one thing in common: one-click checkout. And those who fail to adopt it will likely be left behind. But the most curious thing about this looming phenomenon? It is long overdue.

The cold, hard truth is that the online shopper craves convenience above all else. One need only pause to scrutinize Amazon’s unimpressive website design to understand this while bearing in mind that in the last 6 months over 80% of American online shoppers have made a purchase there. Amazon is important in this story because it was Amazon’s patent on the very notion of one-click checkout that stifled its mass adoption. But since 2017, the patent has expired and since then no good reason remains for one-click checkout not being ubiquitous. It can be chalked up to inertia and complacency — nothing more. Despite this sorry state of affairs, a small circle of promising companies have emerged to deliver one-click checkout to major e-commerce platforms. Of these, PeachPay seems like the most promising solution. Its founders Aaryaman Anerao, John Jago, and David Mainayar have stated that the mission is to “democratize one-click checkout.” It is therefore, quite fittingly, beginning with WooCommerce, the e-commerce platform that powers almost 1 in 3 online stores:

The first time an online shopper clicks the PeachPay button, a streamlined form is generated that is already more convenient than most of the checkout flows out there. However, PeachPay does not stop there. Instead, it remembers users’ information so that the next time they come across the button they can simply check out with one click. PeachPay gives users one last opportunity to review their information before placing an order. PeachPay is already becoming a must-have for WooCommerce stores, and it may not be very long at all before you stumble across one during one of your online shopping sprees:

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