Institute of Leadership and Management Accredits Gordon Tredgold’s Breakthrough Leadership Masterclass

The Breakthrough Leadership Masterclass is designed to prepare professionals to become the top 5% of the leaders that are most sought after and constantly in demand in the industry.

Valencia, Spain – In today’s highly competitive world, having leadership skills is no longer a choice but rather a necessity. No matter how complex the job becomes, possessing strong leadership skills will always keep the person motivated and a step ahead in the game. The Institute of Leadership and Management has accredited Gordon Tredgold’s six-week Breakthrough Leadership Masterclass, which will run from 22nd April 2021. As the name suggests, the Masterclass is designed to help people achieve breakthrough results in leadership roles.   

The masterclass will be led by the Leadership Guru Gordon Tredgold, who comes with a rich experience of working for Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years. While being an acclaimed author and a world-renowned speaker, Gordon has successfully implemented different kinds of programs on Leadership, Motivation, and Employee Engagement. Speaking of Gordon’s result-based approach in training, the Guru himself says “Your strength as a leader will determine your ability to create lasting, repeatable success. If you want to be seen as the future of your company, you need to become the go-to resource, the inspiring leader, and the calm in the storm”  

Diving into the details of the masterclass, the program is designed for professionals who are the most sought after and very much in demand in the industry. They attract the best opportunities at some of the best organizations and enjoy high salaries along with other perks and benefits. These top 5% of the leaders know the ins and outs of creating high-performance cultures, maintaining employee engagement, and retaining staff with the highest level of motivation to deliver amazing results. According to one of the Gallup researches, an average company bears a $64m loss in revenue and opportunity cost per year due to its disengaged employees. Hence, leadership skills are imperative to not only employee success but also to organizational success.   

The Breakthrough leadership Masterclass is divided into six-week online sessions, with each week centered on a core area of focus. From understanding what leadership is all about and building a personal brand to gauging employee engagement and creating a sustainable culture, this master class is all that one needs to achieve a breakthrough in life. Furthermore, all members of the masterclass will receive the tools and resources and a digital certificate of achievement upon the successful completion of the training.   

About Gordon Tredgold 

Gordon Tredgold has worked and collaborated with hundreds of organizations and industries for the past three decades offering consultations, conducting workshops, and providing training on leadership. Originally hailing from the North of England, Gordon had learned the importance of strategy, inspiration, and teamwork at an early age through playing Rugby. With Gordon’s goal-oriented approach, hands-on experience and natural leadership style, he has successfully achieved breakthrough results in the leadership arena. 

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