Clinicminds Software for Aesthetic Clinics is Now HIPAA Compliant

The best in class Clinic Software and Medical Record system for aesthetic clinics.

Properly handling and protecting private information stored in medical records should be among top priorities in contemporary times. To further the upholding of patients’ rights, Clinicminds software is now HIPAA compliant.

It goes without saying that respecting the rights of every patient improves the clinic’s standing, as well as the general quality of service. For these reasons Clinicminds software has embraced HIPAA standards, which allows clinics to raise the bar when it comes to security and medical recording systems.

Clinicminds software is designed as an all-in-one solution specializing in aesthetic clinics. It helps them make the switch from manual management to automation and optimization. With features that are designed to help aesthetic clinics embrace innovative trends in healthcare,
Clinicminds fuses important aspects such as finances, scheduling, treatment records, and security into a single streamlined workflow.

The result is a simplified, more efficient, and much more productive way of managing a clinic as a cohesive unit. Compliance with HIPAA regulations ensures that clinics using Clinicminds never find themselves in breach of the U.S. health regulations and laws.

To make sure that the standards are met, a combined CRM and EMR approach to medical records is used. Structured records provide clear insight into each patient’s records, while a high degree of customizability allows the software to adapt to clinics instead of it being the other way around. As Clinicminds relies on cloud-based technology, online traffic is encrypted using TLS connections during transmission, coupled with double-mirroring reliability.

This streamlined approach is also applied to the financial aspects of the clinic. Efficient invoicing within the workflow eliminates the error factor and keeps the bureaucracy to a minimum. Online payments represent a basis upon which deposits, prepayment, and no-show fees get built upon. Although these practical solutions tended to be viewed negatively before, the streamlined versions drastically reduce no-shows while dealing no harm to the patient-clinic relationship.

Online scheduling stands as a natural conclusion of the aims to improve efficiency in healthcare institutions. It also unties time and effort within the workplace by allowing medical workers to deal with patients more and administration less. The same goal is shared by video appointments. Having experts do consultations and check-ups online via video conferences ensures effective time investments for both patients and practitioners. Suffice to say, video conferences may even be necessary in today’s global health situation.

Clinicminds works on every personal computer and iPad and it supports Windows, iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Integrative approach makes full use of cloud-based technology, with no installations required. Users can log in from any location and they can utilize the mobility of iPads to move freely around the workplace.

Clinicminds blends expert, all-round service with comprehensive security and privacy policies. Being in compliance with HIPAA is a step towards its general goal of improving clinics by the means of streamlined software management. Learn more at

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