Mindset and Performance Coach Polly Bateman Offers Wisdom on Freedom and Self-mastery

Polly Bateman, CEO of The Polly Bateman Limited, coaches clients from all walks of life to recognize the negative patterns in their behavior and the barriers they are reinforcing for themselves.

London, United Kingdom – At some point in life, everyone experiences self-limiting mindsets that generate fear and doubt, causing stress and unhappiness. Polly Bateman as a mindset and performance coach highlights how self-mastery is essential as it is the process of transforming oneself from the inside out. She focuses on the importance of learning about individual choices, challenging thinking patterns, exposing blind spots, and increasing self-awareness.

Her philosophy of ‘less human doing more human be-ing’ sheds light on how people tend to focus on answers that lie outside of themselves for affirmation, approval and answers. “The most important relationship we will ever have in life is the one we have with ourself. Restoring trust, faith and confidence in yourself impacts everything and puts you firmly in the driving seat of your life.”

With her knowledge and philosophies, Polly Bateman’s clients transform their lives rapidly because they learn to trust and look inwards for answers, this is empowering and unleashes inner magic. Polly highlights how “pain in life always comes from looking outside rather than inside”. Many couples put their expectations onto their partners to make them feel happy and secure in the relationship, without realizing that the best gift they can give to themselves is to build on their self-trust and personal freedom to flourish and make themselves happier.

Not truly knowing oneself will always limit a person’s performance because a person is always seeing the world through their own unseen filters and perspectives. This means they are consistently practicing confirmation bias which by default keeps the internal dialogue limiting and distracts the person from being the best version of themselves. With the services that Polly Bateman offers as a mentor and a coach, clients can learn how to smash through their own glass ceilings and tap into their own creative economy. With her knowledge, Polly aims to empower her clients and create real, long-lasting change.

Besides being a mindset coach, Polly Bateman conceived the character of the Grumpit to help children deal with self-esteem and anxiety. The character itself is a personal reflection of individual fears and self-imposed limitations unique to each and every reader. The idea behind the Grumpit is of a character with exceptional sight, hearing, and smell who is constantly on the lookout for any danger and becomes hyperactive if he senses any. One can say that all the physical and emotional reactions of a human in uneasy or difficult situations are symbolized by Grumpit’s character. Today, with parents and schools in the UK adopting the character to help their children, it is now a planned series of self-help storybooks, the first of which is titled The Grumpit: Harry and the Big Scary Slide. Polly hopes that from the evidence gathered to date and with more stories coming, these self-help books will continue to develop a stronger sense of emotional maturity, understanding, and communication of feelings within its young readers.

To purchase the book, The Grumpit: Harry and the Big Scary Slide, head to Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Grumpit-Harry-Big-Scary-Slide/dp/1912009013/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=The+Grumpit+harry+and+the+big+scary+slide&qid=1617188332&sr=8-1

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