Zimenu Set To Disrupt The Global Restaurant Industry With Their Web App

Zimenu Set To Disrupt The Global Restaurant Industry With Their Web App
Innovative tech startup, Zimenu, announces the launch of their user-friendly web application to help food businesses reach their target audience more effectively

The team at Zimenu led by the forward-thinking Anthony Aymerich is cooking up new plans for the restaurant industry, with the startup announcing the launch of their web application. The launch of the tool is particularly timely, as food establishments begin to emerge with new processes following a full year of dealing with the fallout from the COVID-19 health crisis.

Food establishment owners can retake control of their menu, as they usually give the entire control to a marketing agency. Alternatively, they have the control, but cannot create anything as appealing to the eyes as to the palette,” said CEO and Co-Founder Anthony Aymerich. “zimenu is ‘the menu for you’ because our web app creates the digital menu you always dreamed of. Zimenu makes it a reality,” he continued.

Food establishments that adapt to this ever-changing landscape will lead the way to success. Zimenu, a start-up focused on the foodservice industry, and soon-to-be Pending B Corp working towards becoming B Corporation-certified, has created a web application that allows restaurant managers to build a digital QR code menu to reflect their unique offerings.

The revolutionary tool aims to help food establishments freshen up menus as often as managers would like with updated food descriptions, interesting visuals, language translations, and a host of others. The app allows restaurant leadership to edit the menu, change the design, add photos, and include information about the restaurant’s history with relative ease. Updated menus as offered by zimenu present all options to guests while saving wait staff time and ensuring improved productivity.

The menu’s URL will include the business name and any information provided to zimenu will be used for SEO purposes only.

We have a unique customer experience as this tool is easy to use, intuitive, fun, adaptable, and customizable,” said Mr. Aymerich. 

Mr. Aymerich is leveraging his experience as a French-trained chef to develop an innovative solution for restaurant businesses. He has eight years of experience as a financial statement auditor and has worked as a certified public accountant in the United States for several years. While he currently pursues his master’s degree in business administration at EAE Business School in Barcelona, Aymerich’s goal has always been to help the restaurant business. Consequently, he partnered with Emmanuel Fernandez, an experienced programmer, to create applications that add value through helping others.

The duo believes they have crafted a product destined to revolutionize the menu process, with their unique pricing model further substantiating this claim. 

Our pricing model is innovative, ethical, respectful, and adaptable to the industry, to the geographical location and financials of the business,” said Mr. Aymerich. “This is only the first step of our mission.”

For more information about zimenu and the range of features offered, please visit – http://zimenu.app/.

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