Professional and Qualified Practitioners at QC Kinetix (Charlotte) Provide Regenerative Procedures in Charlotte, NC

Professional and Qualified Practitioners at QC Kinetix (Charlotte) Provide Regenerative Procedures in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC – QC Kinetix (Charlotte) recognizes the debilitating nature of chronic pain. It not only limits people physically but also drains them emotionally. The medical practice aims to inspire people to live their best lives through cutting-edge regenerative therapies and world-class care. Post-traumatic (injury) pain, arthritis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and other chronic pain types exist. Although these disorders are not curable, they will help people live happier lives by reducing the symptoms as much as possible. Carpal tunnel syndrome, finger, toe, foot, hand pain, joint pain, knee pain, and low testosterone are some of the disorders treated at QC Kinetix (Charlotte).

People will resume their leisure and professional lives thanks to the pain relief solutions offered at QC Kinetix (Charlotte). The specialists minimize pain sufferers’ downtime and side effects. The chiropractic clinic’s procedures have been proven safe in several trials, with hundreds of patients recovering entirely from their treatment.

Regenerative medicine is the key to pain control in Charlotte, NC. They take pride in providing minimally invasive procedures that are more safe and reliable than conventional treatments such as surgery or painkillers. Stem cell therapy/BMAC, Laser therapy, A2M (alpha-2-macroglobulin), Regenerative cell therapy, and Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy are some therapies available at the medical practice. Some of the most innovative therapies make use of substances that the body already produces. On the same day, their specialists will harvest these components and apply them to the injured region. The patient’s body then uses these elements to repair any existing damage quickly.

The severity of knee injuries varies, with compression and elevation being their two primary therapies. Knee regenerative therapy is a non-surgical alternative to knee replacement or repair. It provides a more appealing non-invasive curing choice than surgical knee treatment, performed on 600,000 Americans each year. Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, suffering from knee pain now have a variety of options.

It’s also crucial to keep track of the patients’ development. Ultrasounds and digital x-rays are used by QC Kinetix (Charlotte) to assess the injury better. The Charlotte knee pain doctor can see the bone, cartilage, and tendons’ contours with precise accuracy thanks to precision imaging technology. Although ultrasounds and digital x-rays are not always needed, they can be valuable in the recovery monitoring process.

QC Kinetix, a pain specialist in Charlotte, NC, treats pain and inflammatory symptoms naturally with regenerative medicine. The QC Injury treatment uses a range of methods, including laser therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections. QC Kinetix (Charlotte) – Charlotte orthopedic doctor walks patients through all recommended protocols by specialists to ensure they understand each phase. QC Kinetix (Charlotte) will then start healing and restoring the tissues, bones, tendons, and previously inflamed joints.

Having helped several clients get back on their feet, QC Kinetix (Charlotte) has earned many positive reviews from past clients, one of whom described the services rendered, saying: “Amazing, after only two treatments, my knees and my back are pretty much pain-free. I am feeling much better. I have real hope to fully recover, and be able to walk again.”

QC Kinetix (Charlotte) is located at 309 S Sharon Amity Rd Suite 302, Charlotte, NC 28211, USA. For inquiries, contact the chiropractic center via phone at (704) 360-3057 or visit its website for additional information.

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