Foundation for the Future Supports SPACE Research bills

April 12, 2021 – Merrifield, VA – The two major National Science Foundation (NSF) restructuring bills, now being considered in Committees of Congress have the “right titles” according to Tim Chrisman, Executive Director, of the Foundation for the Future, “but now we need to support private investment and capital for SPACE, coupled with Federal research opportunities and public-private partnerships, such as the SPACE Corporation Act.”

The Foundation commended the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee their hearing this week  on the bill entitled, “The Endless Frontier Act” and the House counterpart bill, “Foundation for the Future Act” – “We are very pleased that the House Science, Space and Technology Committee incorporated our Foundation name, but the concept of the US continuing to venture into research but it must include Space Research. On the Senate side, we find the term “endless frontier” should include goals for research in Space,” said Tim Chrisman.

The F4F has indicated their general support of NSF space related research, and any Congressional outcomes enhancing the research of space infrastructure and development, including what limited funding is available in this area. “To enhance Space related research and provide for R&D projects that relate to manufacturing in space or move forward to future development of space discoveries that will bring economic boon to earth jobs and economies,“ John Chwat, Director of Government Relations for the Foundation said, “the Congress is being presented our SPACE Corporation Act, a private federal Corporation patterned after the successful 1962 COMSAT Act to enhance private sector investment not just in Space Research but in US space initiatives and discovery.”

“Whatever the Congressional outcomes are for this year in the NSF structure and vision,” Tim Chrisman indicated, “we in the Foundation for the Future want to unleash the private sector to realize its full potential and to do that there needs to be federal support for space-focused workforce development, education, infrastructure and R&D. In the past, federal support for national highways, railroads and air travel unleashed trillions of dollars of private sector innovation; now it is time to bring space into that conversation.

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