New book “God Took My Clothes” by David Suich is released; an examination of near death experiences, the afterlife, and the nature of human existence.

“God Took My Clothes” by David Suich has been released worldwide. This 141-page book explores what the author learned from 700 people who had near death experiences, presenting a transformative view of life, death, and the afterlife that will change the way readers see themselves and the world.

After more than a decade of research and exploration, these stories of Heaven, Hell, and the nature of God paint a vivid picture of who we are and the purpose of our earthly lives.

God Took My Clothes (ISBN: 9781736734261) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $10.99 Wholesale orders are available through Ingram.

From the back cover:

What happens when we die? Is it the end of existence or is there something more? Thanks to advances in modern medicine and some miraculous recoveries, there are thousands of people who have died, seen the afterlife, and returned. God Took My Clothes summarizes the lessons learned from 12 years of near death experience research as well as the testimonies of over 700 people who have died in various ways, returned, and talked about the afterlife. Their incredible testimonies reveal a non-judgmental Creator of light and infinite love beyond what human language is capable of describing. God Took My Clothes discusses what it feels like to die, the life review, the environments of Heaven and Hell, God’s view of religion, the nature of our existence, and humanity’s future. This book presents the hidden truth. Death is no different than waking up from a dream. You cannot die.

About the author:

David Suich is a retired engineer who founded and operated Steps of Hope Outreach, a nonprofit organization that served orphanages in Nepal, Mexico, and Haiti from 2003 through 2018. During a painful and chronic physical condition that triggered severe depression, he clicked on a YouTube video about an atheist who died momentarily and saw Heaven. This lead him on a 12-year journey of research into near death experiences.

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