Remote Pros Debuts A New Community And Training Programs for Remote Working Entrepreneurs

An industry first in helping experts to Start, Launch and Grow a business among a global community of successful business builders.

Remote Pros was founded in response to an enforced shift to remote working brought on by the impact of the COVID19 pandemic.

Created by Rob Jordan and Todd Murray, both successful independent IT Consultants with an impressive track record, it set out to give entrepreneurs support and direction in building their own successful brands.

“With companies starting to pull workforces back into city offices, it’s time to give people a choice. People don’t want a lengthy commute. Instead, ownership and control with a better work-life balance are critical. Building a high-impact business with a proven blueprint is the way to do that,” says Rob Jordan, CEO and co-founder of Remote Pros.

More and more independents are embracing technology and partnership to build their business. Partnering with other independents is also a rising trend as microbusinesses engage in larger projects needing varied expertise according to MBO Partners State of Independence 2020 Report*.

Statistics show that some 4.8m people in the US alone self-identify as Digital Nomads with a further 17m declaring an interest in this path. 4.8m people in the UK are self-employed. The number of digital nomads is expected to hit 1 billion by 2035† with Gen Z looking like they will be the most entrepreneurial generation yet.

“It is increasingly clear, supported by data trends, that people want more flexibility and certainty in these turbulent times. People know that they can’t rely on a single employer to take care of them. So, we’ve distilled our combined 50 years of industry knowledge into building something special. We teach and support the very process we used to build our IT Consultancy and Remote Pros itself. Testing is in our DNA and we put that into every part of our businesses to show our clients how to do the same for amazing results – plus, we’ve been working remotely long before it was cool!” says Todd Murray, co-founder and CIO.

Remote Pros offers an online community with cutting edge training, specialist groups and events that, when combined, support every aspect of social and business health for its members, while also acting as a virtual Board of Directors for its members’ businesses.

Combining the best of traditional project management methodologies and new marketing processes for the digital era, it’s a unique opportunity for those who want to surround themselves with other high-achievers and build a remote business that will grow as the world recovers from the impacts of the COVID19 pandemic.

About Remote Pros Co-Founders

Todd Murray has travelled the world for some 25 years, working in and visiting more than 100 countries while raising a family and building successful businesses on the road. He has a lengthy career with a long list of prestigious and successful clients.

Rob Jordan has likewise embraced the international opportunities that self-employment has offered and supported customers from the US to Europe, Africa, and Asia. Hailing from Dublin in Ireland, he spent 15 years in the UK and now lives with his young family on the southern coast of Portugal.


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