Terry “Unc IMO” Brown Proving That Age Is Just a Number

Terry "Unc IMO" Brown Proving That Age Is Just a Number

Passion knows no bounds when it’s unfettered and pure. Such is the case for artists like Terry Brown, who is pouring his time and heart into creating music for others to enjoy despite being seventy years old. The artist and rapper is living proof that a love for music is all anyone needs to inspire others with one’s art. 

Gone are the days that only people with access to huge labels and artists’ networks can become music icons. Terry, also known by his rapper name Unc IMO, is a testament to digital platforms’ power to provide anyone with a stage to share one’s music. The senior artist, who’s packed with rhymes and beats, made waves through Instagram after breaching over 145,000 followers. He also has over 3,000 subscribers and close to 200,000 views on YouTube to date, almost instantly turning him into a musical hit. 

Terry “Unc IMO” Brown hails from Slidell, Louisiana. A Vietnam war veteran who hurt his knee, he lived a quiet life for the most part. That was until around 2010 to 2014 when he started to record and release music. Since then, he has been loud and proud as a rapper from the South. Not long after he started going viral, legendary artist Snoop Dogg would give a shout-out to Terry and even invite him over for a smoke session with him. Unc IMO would later become part of Snoop’s 2014 thanksgiving special with Too Short and the crew. That experience would put the rapper in his golden years on the map as far as his music was concerned. 

After that once-in-a-lifetime experience, Unc IMO would record a video that would hit 100 million views and turn his brand global. Today, he’s still creating music and sharing them with the world. “I’m seventy years old, and I still got the flow, and now it’s about time to let the world know,” shares Terry. 

The rapper’s look is also quite iconic, often spotted with a joint on his lips and walked around with a swagger. His fans have often said that Unc IMO doesn’t act his age, and they say that as a good thing too. Terry has a youthful energy and injects that into his music. Moreover, that energy is often contagious, too, as people flock around Unc IMO to listen to him break down a melody with a masterfully-strung freestyle on the mic or even on the street.

Terry Brown is also highly charismatic, injecting humor seamlessly into every line and conversation. He easily attracts a crowd and brings energy into the room that most people half his age could never do. Apart from performing music on his social media platforms, he also uses his influence to share inspirational messages with people. Terry loves encouraging people to chase after their dreams and live a life that brings goodness to others. He’s a true believer that blessings come to those who choose to bless others, and he embodies that in his dealings.

Terry says that he still has his best years and best music ahead of him despite his age. He hopes to bring joy to others, especially today when people need it most.

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