Pro Athlete Daniel Kabeya Launches Jumping and Fitness in AIRDK App

Being a requirement for staying relevant as an athlete, staying fit is an issue of top priority. Daniel Kabeya, an athlete considered the highest jumper in the world is set to launch his AIRDK app that is going to teach athletes how to jump and stay fit.

Regardless of age, gender, or sport, every athlete has one thing in common – the need to stay fit. Without fitness, an athlete would be unable to live up to expectations.

To this end, Daniel Kabeya has come up with the AIRDK app designed to teach athletes how to jump better, stay fit, and master their game.

According to Daniel Kabeya “you can be the highest jumper in the world, but if you don’t let that inspire others, what’s the point?”

Daniel seeks to use the AIRDK app initiative as a means to inspire other athletes to be better by staying fit. It is one thing to stay fit, it is another thing to go about it the right way.

In the words of Courtney Dawkins, co-founder of the AIRDK app “Learning to train your body with the best is always the quest! But since the launch of the AIRDK app, there is finally a community of like-minded people who are chasing the same victories! Yay!”

The AIRDK app provides consulting services where athletes can work virtually with Daniel Kabeya and the AIRDK fitness team. Benefiting from the app is not streamlined to only athletes alone as entertainers and influencers are welcomed.

It also has an instant messaging and Instagram-like feature while providing virtual one on one meetings with the highest jumper in the world – Daniel Kabeya.

On the app, there is a virtual fitness development solution where Daniel Kabeya himself teaches how physical strength is an important part of athletics.

In addition to providing fitness materials and help for athletes, Daniel Kabeya’s organization also provides marketing materials, develops websites, and helps launch e-commerce stores and platforms.

You want to amp your game, learn how to stay fit, and jump better?

Let the best help you. Download the AIRDK app by Daniel Kabeya. Available to iOS and Android devices.

For more information about the AIRDK app and Daniel Kabeya visit the website

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