Bryce Taylor: The 19-Year-Old Real Estate Whiz KidWho Dominating the Real Estate Industry One Deal At a Time

Bryce Taylor: The 19-Year-Old Real Estate Whiz KidWho Dominating the Real Estate Industry One Deal At a Time

The real estate industry has been on the rise in recent years. The meteoric rise of the industry comes with talented and skilled individuals who have managed to help their clients find the right homes that they deserve. Bryce Taylor is among those individuals. He is a 19-year-old real estate agent who currently resides in New York City. Working for an amazing real estate company called Corcoran, he is able to serve his clients with utmost efficiency.

“I absolutely love spending time with my family and taking them out to eat. We often find ourselves at Top Golf located in New Jersey on the weekends,” says Bryce Taylor. He is able to do all of these activities thanks to the time that he has for himself as he successfully serves his clients. He feels that it’s what he truly deserves as he rewards himself with quality time alongside his family.

Before Bryce Taylor got involved with the real estate industry, he was interested in taking up Law. He attended a variety of Law programs at Columbia University and New York Law. Over time, he realized that law wasn’t something that he really had a passion for. During that moment, he worked several jobs over a span of a few years. 

He had the opportunity of working at the Botanical Garden, Chipotle, 1199 Benefit Fund, and many more. At this point, Bryce Taylor was jumping through jobs, but he came to the conclusion that he ultimately wanted to work for himself and be in complete control of what he did. Thus, he chose to foray into the realm of real estate.

Bryce Taylor has been known for being an incredibly compassionate person. He enjoys giving back to the community as much as possible. He helped at homeless shelters, park cleanups, get out and votes, toy drives, food drives, and so much more. He brings an entirely unique attribute to the table as a real estate agent as he doesn’t just view his clients as moneybags, treating them with respect and a sense of intimacy. 

“I view my clients as regular people just like me, looking to find a place. This allows me to have a great client-agent relationship with many of my clients,” says Bryce Taylor. He is determined to succeed, so he has an unwavering determination to get to the top, and it’s clear to see that nothing is going to get in his way. 

Bryce Taylor takes his job very seriously, fighting nonstop to close deals in his clients’ best interests. He truly cares about his clients in ways that most real estate agents don’t. He doesn’t discriminate between his clients, treating them equally no matter what. “When I have a client who’s looking to rent a 1,200-dollar studio, they’re getting the same treatment as clients looking to buy million-dollar condos because it’s never about the money with me,” says Bryce. “I’ve done deals where I knew I wasn’t going to get paid, but I still closed it because for me, everyone deserves a roof over their head,” he added.

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