Storydoor Aims to Revolutionize the Home Selling Process

Local real estate expert Storydoor is seeking to revolutionize and streamline the home selling process by providing multiple personalized offers without all the hassles of the traditional process. 

Americans looking to sell a house right now can tap Storydoor as the company scales up efforts to provide homeowners with a faster, more convenient way to sell their house.

“When a seller needs to sell their house, we are available. We buy houses, and we are constantly looking for properties that can be improved. We typically buy houses that need some repairs and renovations to be marketable in the current market. However, we work with all types of houses, situations, and sellers who are looking for a simpler, easier, and faster way of selling their house,” Storydoor CEO Michael DiGiovanni said in a statement.

Michael said customers only need to go to, enter their address on the page, answer a few questions about their house, and receive multiple personalized offers to choose from within 24 hours of submission. 

“We will take a look at your house along with recent sales in your neighborhood similar to your property in its current condition and come up with multiple personalized offers for you to choose from. And you can close whenever you are ready,” Michael said. 

Storydoor is a local family-owned business that has helped countless homeowners over the years identify the solution that’s best for their situation.

After eight years serving customers in the real estate industry as a realtor and investor, Michael said he knew the inflexible, uncertain, and stressful way of selling your house wasn’t going to cut it. 

The roadmap he began developing back in 2012 came to fruition when, at the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Michael and his team set out to reinvent the selling process with a new, radically simplified way to sell your house. 

“Whether you inherited an unwanted property, facing financial hardship, looking to avoid traditional sale hassles, or are a tired landlord that loves the predictable monthly cashflow but is done with tenants and toilets, we help people get to the next chapter in their life story in one simple, seamless transaction. Our mission is to work backward from your unique situation to identify the solution that’s best for you,” Michael said.

Compared to other iBuyers, Michael said Storydoor also helps clients through owner financing, a method of financing a property in which the owner of the property holds the buyer’s loan.

“Imagine if you could make more money over time and potentially reduce your tax bill when you sell. We can help you accomplish this through owner financing. When you sell your house leveraging owner financing, you go from being the homeowner to the bank while potentially reducing your tax bill when you sell,” Michael said.

While this way of financing properties is less common than traditional methods, Michael said it’s simpler, faster, and easier to get than a traditional mortgage.

“For example, let’s say your house has a fair market value of $70,000 in its current condition, but you want $75,000. Let’s also assume your house needs $20,000 in repairs before it can be sold for $100,000 on the open market. You post an ad for $75,000. No one bites. A week passes. Then a month, two months. Crickets. Until we reach out and offer you either a lump sum cash payment of $50,000 or $75,000 if you would rather sell your house leveraging owner financing,” Michael explained.

The client, Michael said, would then accept $75,000 for their house and receive predictable monthly income without having to deal with tenants and toilets, reduce their tax bill, and move on to their next chapter in life.

“Why would we buy your house at or sometimes even above its current fair market value? Because we can use our local market expertise and teams of contractors to make the necessary repairs for the house to generate income,” Michael pointed out.

Michael said Storydoor also offers a more digitized experience where sellers can easily reach them online amid restrictions and health protocols in place due to the pandemic.

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