Mahmood Khan tops Itunes USA Charts; continues to make waves in the music scene

Mahmood Khan has taken the music scene into a whole new dimension anew after his album with Willoughby Symphony ruled the Itunes USA charts.

The Pakistan-born Australian singer-songwriter has made a big comeback in the music scene and is set to make waves yet again after topping the charts. 

“Music is one of the things that keeps us going and continues to cheer us on amid the many challenges today. With everything that’s going on, I am happy to be an instrument of how music uses its extraordinary power to inspire us all,” Mahmood said in an interview. 

Apart from reigned atop the Itunes USA charts, Mahmood Khan’s album with Willoughby Symphony also made history by topping the US Billboard charts in the Classical genre. Mahmood earned massive praise for being the first Asian-born artist to top the Billboard charts in the Classical genre. 

Mahmood Khan has recorded original compositions with the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra and has also written and produced ‘Jagamarra,’ a song dedicated to Aboriginal Australia. 

Mahmood said he always pushed to build a mainstream global music brand with great songwriting coupled with solid craftsmanship, production, and feel. 

Conducted and arranged by David Griffin and Doug Emery, the album was a fusion of World and Classical music. Mahmood wrote and produced the songs and directed the music videos as well.

Mahmood’s work has earned massive success in Australia, with the music icon hailing the diverse Australian culture and its community radio and TV network for the enormous support they have given for his musical work. 

“Thank you to the diverse Australian culture and all the media outlets and platforms that have supported my musical work. You all inspire me to keep going,” Mahmood said.

Born in Pakistan and grew up in the United States, the music legend has a vast array of knowledge on a range of music genres, such as Country, Bluegrass, Gypsy, Mariachi, Funk, Hip Hop, folk, and Qawwali.

Mahmood was granted citizenship by the Australian government in recognition of his contribution to the music industry after his song ‘Like the river’, which was recorded live at Sydney Opera House, topped the Aria pop charts.

Apart from becoming the first Australian artist to chart with an Australian Symphony Orchestra, Mahmood also became the only Asian artist to date to record a Live album at the Sydney Opera House.

Mahmood started in the music industry by working as a sound engineer/producer at Jam Power, a Black music production company in Los Angeles for over 15 years before venturing on to developing his career as a singer-songwriter.

His first solo album which featured the legendary Artist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sold over 6 million copies. He became the first-ever Pakistani-born artist to crack US world music radio stations.

In 2007 he came to Australia to study at Sydney Film School and ended up recording a Live album at the Sydney Opera House. 

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