Introducing AbsMaster™ – An Innovative Workout Tool Revolutionizing the At-Home Workout Experience

More fitness enthusiasts are now working out with the AbsMaster™, a simple and innovative workout tool that’s redefining how people work out from home.

More fitness enthusiasts are now working out with the AbsMaster™, a simple and innovative workout tool that’s redefining how people work out from home.

Sporting a compact, lightweight, and very sturdy design, the AbsMaster™ is an innovative sit-up bar with an adjustable stand, complete with a powerful base suction system that attaches firmly and tightly to diverse floor surfaces. The AbsMaster’s™ design provides virtually limitless workout options for abs and core, upper body, and the hips and legs. This device guarantees better and quicker results from your home workout sessions, burns body fat, and helps loosen tightened knots to improve body flexibility.

“The pandemic has caused a shift in how we stay fit,” says Max Trestman, AbsMaster Fitness’s Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer. “We’ve made the AbsMaster™ as our own innovative contribution to help strengthen the new work(out)-from-home culture even further. The tool is easy to set up, use, and maintain. It’s a great thing you need when you’re interested in ensuring proper form with entire body workouts from home —minus the challenges of bulky and expensive conventional home workout devices.”

“The AbsMaster lets my trainees do many exercises at home they wouldn’t be able to do without it, and the results are great,” says Jennifer D., certified personal trainer in Houston, Texas.

“This is one piece of workout equipment I would highly recommend to anyone who’s truly serious about working out from home. And it won’t even cost you an arm and leg!”

The above echoes the sentiment of fitness enthusiast Crystal Madison, one of the many fans who can’t stop singing the praises of the AbsMaster™ sit-up bar. “I greatly appreciate the fact that I can do exercises with it in any place. I love that when targeting my abs, I could really feel the impact and I love the results. I’m also thrilled with the ability to use this ab trainer for a variety of other exercises where it winds up being a full-body exercise. For me, this is by far one of the greatest and most reliable workout inventions ever!”

“What makes the AbsMaster™ better than anything before it is the fact that you can use it for an incredibly crazy range of exercises. You can also take it anywhere with you, thanks to the compact, lightweight, yet sturdy design, says Jennifer. “This new home workout device is much easier to use and guarantees far better and quicker results than other sit-up bars out there. The AbsMaster has improved suction capabilities, higher quality materials, AND they even offer a FULL Video Training Series to help you maximize your workouts with the AbsMaster. And if we’re being honest, it’s revolutionary in the absolute sense of the word.”

• The AbsMaster™ is currently available for sale on the company’s website at
• The company also offers a full video training course on how best to maximize your workouts with the AbsMaster™.

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