Female Photographer Daniela Passos Beats All Odds To Become A Renowned New York City Content Creator

Female Photographer Daniela Passos Beats All Odds To Become A Renowned New York City Content Creator

Over the past four years, Brazil-born photographer and filmmaker, Daniela Passos has seen her reputation rise immensely and has now become one of New York City’s finest content creators. She made the bold move to leave Brazil in 2017 and thanks to her portfolio, it appeared to be a good idea. Not only is she content with living her dreams, but she also intends to help other content creators find their feet by providing crucial information and tips.

Daniela Passos is proving to be a reckoning force in America’s content creation space. The independent creative director, photographer, filmmaker, and influencer is growing in popularity for her ability to provide in-demand visual assets for a business, create purposeful storytelling, and help brands visually communicate their stories to connect with the right audience. Daniela’s reputation and success story are now an inspiration for aspiring content filmmakers and people looking to drop their regular 9 to 5 jobs and pursue their dreams in the world of digital marketing.

As a social media influencer par excellence, Daniela stands caught the attention of big brands like Reebok, CrossFit, Zhiyun, Sony, and Google and is looking to expand her horizons. Daniela’s work isn’t just restricted to technicalities of photography, filming and video editing. She has the gift of visualization that creates emotional brand stories that connect with people. She also shares tips on content creation through her articles that tutor other aspiring professionals on how to leverage new technology for maximum growth.

Daniela’s core work deals with exceptional and authentic brand presentation. She is active on most social media platforms, especially Instagram where she uploads compelling and thought-provoking content that strikes the right chord in a brand’s target audience. Daniela’s phenomenal success on Instagram is used as a reference point for fashion and travel content. She enjoys support from many including famous artists, photographers, and famous brands from various industries.

Daniela Passos story goes back to the time she left her home in Brazil at the age of 16. Travelling became a passion which transitioned into Daniela becoming a social media influencer. Moving to New York in November 2017 was a milestone in her life where she began exploring the content creation and digital branding industry. Daniela’s dedication and passion grew into art that she showcased to the whole world through her social media projects and collaborations. Daniela now 24 lives the life of a digital nomad and today is an independent creative director, photographer, filmmaker, and influence in demand. In the last six years, Daniela has explored, and documented her life, travels and experiences on her all-social media accounts that remains connected to more than 200,000 followers across Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and growing. She now invites collaborations and would be a valuable asset to the growth of any brand.

Daniela says “I deeply believe in the power of beautiful image and purposeful storytelling. I want to give back to the knowledge I gained through the Internet by compiling and facilitating the career of other creators with tips, tutorials and structure so that new creators have access to the information I did not have. Today, I live in art, photography, and creation through knowledge that I won through the Internet and I want to corroborate for this to become the reality of other people too.”

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