SenseGiz’s ‘Made in India’ solution is powering the Indian Premier League’s Bio-Bubble

Bengaluru – April 12, 2021 – After successful implementation of the Bio-Bubble at the Road Safety World Series in Raipur and the India vs England series (at Chennai, Ahmedabad and Pune), SenseGiz has now geared up for deploying the “Sentinel Bio Bubble platform” for the current season of Indian Premier League (IPL). The Indian Premier League being a household name in India, is also well-celebrated across the globe as the most prominent Cricket league with the best cricketers in the world plying their trade with eight all-star teams. There are estimates that the IPL market size stands at a whopping $ 6 Billion which is bigger than the GDP of a few small countries put together. With such high stakes and given the current situation where we are staring at a probable second wave, it made it even more critical for the organizing team that they had the right COVID safety solution deployed to ensure this tournament is steered seamlessly up to its completion.

SenseGiz Technologies, an Indian Start-up has already ‘successfully’ deployed its ‘Made in India’ social distancing & historical contact tracing solution “SenseGiz Sentinel Platform” – A virtual Bio-Bubble that is ensuring the safety of all players, support staff, match officials and others involved within a dedicated zone. This world-class solution includes features such as geo-fencing, overcrowding, real time alerts on social distancing violations and monitoring body temperature on the go, along with the most critical aspect of historic contact tracing, in case anyone within the bio-Bubble is tested positive for COVID19. The recently concluded India vs. England series (across all formats) and the Road Safety World Series bear witness to the importance of having this solution for the smooth execution and completion of these tournaments without any interruptions or delays. With the solution yielding such great results, it was imperative that this solution had to be implemented at the Indian Premier League.

SenseGiz makes its debut at the IPL:

With surging COVID19 cases in all host cities, The Bio-Bubble solution plays a vital role in ensuring safe conduct of the tournament. Though precautions are taken to ensure there is no breach in the Bio-Bubble, there might be chances that the virus can sneak or surpass the physical boundaries and security. SenseGiz’s Bio-Bubble technology can track and trace infected individuals and their immediate contacts, which helps in isolating only certain individuals rather than shutting down the entire tournament. The command centre can also track the body temperature of individuals within the Bio-Bubble and any alarming variance in temperature can be addressed to immediately. This will certainly help in the successful completion of IPL even during the apparent second wave of the pandemic.

This solution operates like a hub and spoke architecture to create a Bio-secure environment. FIND (used as a wristband) is a Bluetooth enabled IoT device that is tagged to each player and staff within the Bio-Bubble and has the ability to enforce social distancing between its users. A combination of other hardware devices and an app communicate together to push this critical data retrieved from the FINDs to the cloud, and helps enforce social distancing in real time and historical contact tracing so that only the infected users and their immediate contacts can be immediately isolated/quarantined. This ensures safety & continuity of tournaments without any delays or interruptions.

Though the tournament is played behind closed-doors, we are talking about the safety of thousands of people involved including players and support staff of all teams. With some fantastic results since the launch of ‘Sensegiz Sentinel Platform’, we have certainly made a positive impact in sports-tech and will revolutionize the sporting industry in the years to come.” ~ Abhishek Latthe, Founder & CEO – SenseGiz Technologies


SenseGiz is the First Indian company to provide Bio-Bubble solution that safeguards large-scale events and international sports tournaments without any risks and ensures the safety of all players, support staff, match officials, hotel and ground staff and others involved.  

The company behind this innovative solution is from Belagavi, Karnataka, and is being recognised for its historical contact tracing solutions which has seen great traction amongst the Sports fraternity while hosting International tournaments. SenseGiz is a certified Start-up under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) and has won several national and international awards for their path breaking innovations in IoT.

About SenseGiz

SenseGiz provides enterprise and industrial IoT products for sensor-based condition monitoring, predictive maintenance security and real-time asset/people tracking applications using a combination of proprietary mesh-connected hardware, cloud, analytics, award winning software and apps. SenseGiz focuses on adding value to their customers every single day by improving productivity and boosting safety & security at workplace.

Video link for Road Safety World Series: Even the World Cricket Legends feel safe with SenseGiz. Bio-Bubble Solutions for Large-scale events. – YouTube

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