EcoSpaw is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pet Stores Nationwide.

EcoSpaw is utilizing Mr. Checkout's Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pet Stores Nationwide.

“Happier pets in a cleaner world”
At EcoSpaw, it is their mission to help your pets live a long and happy life by bringing 100% natural and safe products. EcoSpaw empowers you to make a difference for your pets and the environment around us. Based out of Pompano Beach, FL (USA) and Montreal, QC (Canada), they love that your pets are in the best of hands.

As the temperature heats up and most play time now happens outside (probably in the sand or dirt!), there’s one thing all dog parents are all too familiar with: a less-than-fresh pup! From muddy paws to unpleasant odours, there’s only one solution: a doggie bath!

If you’re cringing just thinking about dunking your adorable dog in the bath, you’re not alone. After all, the slippery surface to the unfamiliar and intimidating sound of the faucet, baths and showers can be frightening to the bravest pups, who’s to blame you!

EcoSpaw’s new Bathless Spray redefines bath-time for you and your dog. It is enhanced through nanotechnology which works at the smallest possible scale allowing for complete elimination of bacteria, dirt, and mineral deposits hidden deep inside your pet’s fur. It is a unique technology which allows for the most efficient wash that even outperforms chemicals. 

Options between unscented or scented with a completely natural lavender essential oil, the Bathless Spray takes away the need for bath-time hassles! If your pet was recently bathed and got themselves dirty after a walk, made a mess, or simply can not be washed, the product can be applied directly to your dog without bathing them. 

Before your pup enjoys some fun in the sun, use EcoSpaw’s pesticide-free, non-medicated Tick & Flea to help keep any creepy crawlies off your precious pup. This all-natural product uses nanotechnology to keep fleas, ticks, insects, and bacteria from hitching a ride on your dog. This can eliminate the need for an emergency ‘oh-my-goodness… was that a flea on my dog?”. It works to flush and rid of Ticks and Fleas as the nanotechnology attacks the chitin in the insect shells which is a biodegradable material and undergoes biodegradation by enzymes which is a base ingredient found in our formula. The elimination of bacteria also reduces any unpleasant smells and reduces the frequency of showers your dog may need! 

No matter how much Bathless Spray or Tick & Flea products, bath-time can’t be cut out of your dogs life for good. All of the EcoSpaw products use advanced and completely biodegradable nanotechnology to attack oils and get the job done safely and efficiently. They believe that sticking to the basics is essential and really.. all that is necessary. Even the Pet Shampoo does not have any chemicals to lather and foam but instead, they simply use a foaming pump bottle system. They offer six products including: Bathless Spray, Bird & Cage Cleaner, Pet Shampoo, Skunk Be Gone, Stain & Odor, and Tick & Flea.

Their simple ingredients, which are plant-based enzymes, nanoparticles, and minerals, make it easy for their customers to understand and its that process and simplicity which make their products unique and effective. 

They are millennials passionate about their pets and the environment. As their company expands, they plan to release many new all-natural, biodegradable products such as pet ear cleaner, wipes, and much more. With EcoSpaw, you’re saving the planet one bath at a time!

So, put on those goggles, prep your dog’s rubber ducky, and make your dog’s bath time a blast with EcoSpaw and the step to make bath time a breeze.

Happy summer!

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