Dottedyellow, a Brand-New Driving Instruction App, Successfully Bridges the Gap Between the Rulebook and the Road

It is a sad reality today that, despite the widening of opportunities gained by knowing how to drive well, not many student drivers end up becoming good drivers. Therefore, to close the gap between the rulebook and the road, Dottedyellow, a driving instruction app, has offered a tech driven solution for student drivers to gain better driving skills and real-world experiences in a game format.

Dottedyellow is now live on the App Store. The learning to drive app connects the DMV handbook with real experiences, and provides a variety of real-world driving situations in the form of animations in a game-style format that covers all the rules of the road. The app has a route, story and a score mode that helps users evaluate themselves and stay on top of the game.

It was my spouse’s experience trying to procure a learner’s permit and the high wait time for DMV test appointments that gave me this idea of connecting the DMV handbook and real-world driving situations as animations, so the next time a student faces one, it’s familiar and they will know what’s right and who has the right of way,” says Anoop Koloth, developer of the app.

The “right of way” chapter in the Dottedyellow app is free. In the interest of saving time, all the test and chapters are in order so that the user can learn and test at the same time. For example, the route mode feature lets the user get a glimpse of their grey area in the real world. They will be asked questions like, are you weak with parking concepts or hillside queries or are you already good with uphill?

Dottedyellow aims to help both students and the DMV. The company is working to relieve the wait time pressure on the DMV ecosystem post-COVID-19.

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