Avazo Healthcare launches an all-new weapon to combat low back pain

Lumbarest offers pain sufferers a more efficient, cost-effect way to treat chronic back problems

April 13, 2021 – Warminster, PA – One in eight Americans suffer from back pain problems. Many sufferers of low back pain undergo hours of physical therapy, painful chiropractor sessions, undergo surgery, or are prescribed addictive painkillers. The typical treatment plans for individuals with low back pain are highly inefficient and costly. Now, Avazo Healthcare have launched an all-new weapon to combat low back pain.

The Pennsylvania-based company have released the Lumbarest, a device that will revolutionize the way in which low back pain sufferers receive treatment. The non-surgical, at-home treatment option is mostly based on the 1983 patent of inventor Peter Forster.

The device is made up of a molded elastic mattress. It is formed by well-placed laterally directed ribs which come into contact with the user’s body. The Lumbarest’s design enables the pressure to be taken off of the dorsal spine, providing relief to the user. Using the force of gravity and the weight of the user, the device is able to stretch the spine. Users will loosen muscle tension, release pinched nerves in the back, send nutrients to the spinal cord, and align the back through stretching.

Lumbarest also comes with infrared heating courtesy of a 12V IR element. The heat relaxes the spinal muscles while being stretched to provide further comfort and support. Low back pain sufferers can find relief in just 45 minutes of use three to four times a day. The amount of use will depend on an individual’s back pain relief needs.

According to research carried out in 2020, Americans spent $134 billion between 1996 and 2016 on lower back pain treatments. Back pain is the second-most common reason Americans seek out a primary care specialist. Yet, the results of back pain treatments vary. The Lumbarest is a more efficient and cost-effective way to treat low back pain.

The device, which retails for $395, offers long-term, continual relief for one price. No longer will back pain sufferers attend costly physical therapy sessions or need to take additive pain killers for short-term relief. Lumbarest helps to strengthen the spine muscles while reducing pressure. Over time, users will reduce their pain and the amount of time needed to use the device.

For more information on the Lumbarest or to purchase Avazo Healthcare’s new weapon against low back pain, please visit the company’s official website.

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