The Kwak Brothers Reveal How They Acquired 75 Rental Units in Just One Year

The dynamic real estate duo shares all their insight and wisdom through their comprehensive new book.

Everyone who wants to buy investment properties or flip houses thinks that they have to have a lot of money and stellar credit to get started. Real estate investors, The Kwak Brothers, proved otherwise — all while they were only 20 and 22 years old. Daniel and Sam Kwak acquired 75 rental units in just one year without having a large pool of cash and good credit history.

“When we first got started, we had no money (actually, negative balance) and very little credit history to start investing real estate. The only thing we had was the desire to invest in real estate and time.”

The brothers used their desire and the time in their hands to scour through the internet for courses, books and seminars. They would work on dead-end freelancing gigs to pay for some of their education. They would take courses and classes on marketing and salesmanship. And one of the key strategies they learned was owner financing. This is when a seller of a property would finance the purchase for the buyer. In other words, the seller would essentially become the bank — collecting monthly payments from the buyer in exchange for the ownership right of the property.

The Kwak Brothers have accumulated more knowledge that will be useful for people who want to invest in property. They wanted to spread their wisdom, insights and message to those that want to achieve financial freedom and decided to write a book. Their new free book shows how the brothers went from 0 to 75 units in just one year without needing a large amount of money or credit.

Their book, “0 to 75 Units in 1 Year: Introducing the Force Strategy to Acquiring Rental Properties,” ( helps readers how to find the off-market deals and opportunities in their market so that they don’t have to rely on realtors, brokers or even wholesalers to find the deals. It shows them how to negotiate for owner financing arrangements with the seller without having to beg for it. This free book comes with an e-book version, and interested reads will only have to pay for shipping.

Today, after acquiring beyond 75 units, The Kwak Brothers have started a private hedge fund company, investing in large commercial and apartment complexes across the country.

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The Kwak Brothers are real estate investors, mentors, entrepreneurs and authors of several books.

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