The main production processes of high quality glass bottles

The production process of glass bottle mainly includes:

1. Raw material pre-processing. The massive raw materials (quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.) are crushed to dry the wet raw materials. The iron containing raw materials is removed to ensure the quality of glass.

2. Batch preparation.

3. Fusion. The glass mixture is heated at high temperature (1550 ~ 1600 ℃) in the tank furnace or pool furnace to form a liquid glass which is uniform, bubble free and meets the forming requirements.

4. Forming. Put the liquid glass into the mold to make the required shape of glass products, such as flat plates, various utensils, etc.

5. Heat treatment. Through annealing, quenching and other processes, it can eliminate or produce the internal stress, phase separation or crystallization of the glass, and change the structural state of the glass. Advantages of glass packaging containers in the field of beverage packaging.

1. Glass packaging materials and containers have many advantages: 1. Glass materials have good barrier performance, which can well prevent the invasion of oxygen and other gases on the contents, and can also prevent the volatile components of the contents from volatilizing to the atmosphere;

2. The glass bottle can be used repeatedly, which can reduce the packaging cost;

3. Glass can easily change color and transparency;

4. The glass bottle is safe and sanitary, has good corrosion resistance and acid resistance, and is suitable for the packaging of acid substances (such as vegetable juice drinks, etc.);

5. In addition, because the glass bottle is suitable for the production of automatic filling production line, the domestic glass bottle automatic filling technology and equipment development is also relatively mature, the use of glass bottle packaging fruit and vegetable juice beverage has certain production advantages in China. First of all, we need to design, determine and manufacture the mold. The glass raw material is quartz sand as the main raw material, and other auxiliary materials  is melt into liquid state at high temperature. Then, we need to inject the mold, cool, cut and temper to form the glass bottle. Glass bottle generally has a rigid mark, which is also made of mold shape. According to the manufacturing method, the glass bottle can be divided into three types: manual blowing, mechanical blowing and extrusion molding. According to the composition, glass bottles can be divided into the following categories: sodium glass, lead glass and borosilicate glass.

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