How Does The Air-Conditioning Compressor Of A Hybrid Car Work?

MHEV-48V light hybrid systems are all ordinary traditional auto ac compressors, which are driven by the engine; because the motor of the light hybrid system also relies on the engine to generate electricity, although the reverse output can drive the crankshaft to operate, it can only be used to output power when accelerating. This system cannot run on pure electricity, use air-conditioning compressors or high-power on-board electrical appliances. The “light” hybrid has already shown that the level is very low, so the battery pack capacity is also very small.

How does the air-conditioning compressor of a hybrid car work

There are two types of HEV-oil-electric hybrid systems. The first is also an engine-driven compressor. The so-called HEV only slightly increases the motor power and retains the generator motor. The two are integrated into a single-speed reducer to become an ECVT; The ECVT of the production car brand will use very poor nickel-metal hydride batteries. This battery memory effect is obviously not suitable for high-frequency use. Therefore, the electric drive system is only equivalent to an electronic fuel saver. High-power equipment is not allowed to be used in the same way as MHEV.

However, there are also a small number of production cars equipped with electric compressors. When the battery pack has electricity, the compressor will directly consume electricity to drive the compressor. The use time can exceed 10 minutes. After the electricity is consumed to the set value of SOC, the engine will automatically start to generate electricity. To maintain the continuous operation of the electric compressor, the functions of this type of HEV car are slightly enriched.

PHEV generally has two compressors. The pure electric compressor is naturally used in EV mode. The principle can be understood as the electric compressor of the RV parking air conditioner, which can reduce power consumption through frequency conversion; plug-in hybrid car battery pack capacity Large enough, generally 10-20 times that of HEV, so the air conditioner in pure electric mode idling has at least more than 10 hours, and cooling can exceed 24 hours; but when the power is lower than the SOC set minimum consumption, the engine will start automatically Charging and auxiliary output power, the operating state is HEV mode, the compressor will also switch.

REEV extended-range electric vehicles have only electric compressors, because the internal combustion engine of this system does not output power, and its function is only to drive the generator to generate electricity, unlike the PHEV engine that can take advantage of excess performance; so instead of using traditional compressors The horsepower of 4~7Ps consumes fuel, and the energy consumption of electric compressors with very low power consumption will be much lower. Therefore, extended-range electric vehicles often only have electric compressors.

The four types of hybrid vehicles use different compressors. MHEV and HEV are basically equivalent to fuel vehicles, so they are more traditional. PHEV and REEV are true hybrid vehicles. The battery pack capacity and operating mode determine the difference.

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