Jeanette Kossuth Mcadoo Announces New Book “Aces High” About the Struggles of Four Family Members Attending a Funeral

Aces High, a book by six times author Jeanette McAdoo tells the captivating story of a brother and sister, and their two cousins at their parents funerals as they deal with challenges, including an earthquake

Prolific author, Jeanette Kossuth McAdoo, announces her new book titled “Aces High.” The book tells the story of a brother and sister and their two cousins as they meet in Anaconda for the late parents’ burial.  

An earthquake destroys an orphanage, the sheriff goes on a trip and runs into trouble, while the four brothers and sisters struggle to survive in an atmosphere of chaos and confusion.  

Aces High is a book that takes the reader on a journey as a captivating and intriguing story unfolds. The 222 pages book is the perfect companion for those who love mystery and engaging characters they can easily relate to.  

Jeanette Kossuth McAdoo is an author who never disappoints her fans with compelling tales that get more exciting page after page. With more than six books to her name, she has mastered the secrets of creating stories and characters that jump off the page and challenges the reader’s imagination.  

She’s a masterful storyteller who specializes in western, live stories and mysteries. Her books have attracted an enormous fan base of readers worldwide, who write excellent reviews and about her creative style and make comments that show how much they have been inspired.  

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Jeanette McAdoo developed a passion for writing early in life. She has got plenty of recognition for her work, especially in the local media, where she has been interviewed twice. She was recognized with a laminated copy of her newspaper article and a congratulatory letter by a congressman.   

Jeanette is determined to continue to write to satisfy the needs of her fans. She’s particularly inspired by how young people quickly connect with her stories and learn life lessons to better their lives. Aces High is another excellent addition to her collection that fans her going to enjoy reading.  

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About Jeanette Kossuth McAdoo 

Jeanette Kossuth McAdoo is an author who specializes in love stories, western, and mystery. She’s written six books, all of which are available online and offline. Fans love her work because of the unique ways she tells her stories and brings compelling characters to life.  

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