Jasmine Ortiz to Drop Her Highly-Anticipated Hit Single “Jaguar” on April 23, 2021

Jasmine Ortiz to Drop Her Highly-Anticipated Hit Single "Jaguar" on April 23, 2021

This summer, the world welcomes a new, hit song to blast on speakers. Pop sensation Jasmine Ortiz will introduce the upcoming, highly-anticipated single and music video for “Jaguar” to the world on April 23, 2021.

With back-to-back singles reaching over 1.1 million streams on Spotify alone and over 3.7 million views on YouTube, Jasmine continues to rise. On her latest single, “Cherry on Top,” she received coveted international attention with features on Fox5-Las Vegas and NBC6-South Florida. 

However, just as fans expected her to take a break from her momentum, the hailed pop princess announced the release of another single this month entitled “Jaguar.”  

For this new single, Jasmine has teamed up with multi-platinum producer Cesar Da Emperor to bring new energy into the pop scene. Managed by Dre London with London Entertainment, Cesar Da Emperor brings impeccable production and engineering to this hit single. The critically acclaimed producer is no stranger to the music industry and has worked with some of the most prominent artists such as Post Malone, Tyga, Chris Brown, and Diplo, to name a few.  

Written by Jasmine Ortiz, Jaguar brings a euphoric vibe blended with tasteful lyrics to create a Bonnie and Clyde theme. In the track’s music video, Jasmine’s love interest is portrayed to have a perfect life, but Jasmine later realizes all of this is just for show. 

The story begins with the couple going on an adventure, painting the picture of driving a Jaguar over a hundred miles per hour and hearing police sirens trailing behind. Fueled by the adrenaline rush, Jasmine and her on-screen boyfriend decide to speed away and live with no rules. 

They suddenly pull up to a lavish mansion, leaving Jasmine mesmerized and in awe of her “prince.” As she explores the elegant residence she believes is her boyfriend’s, the young artist hears the owners arrive home. Surprised to know that the beautiful place does not belong to her love interest, Jasmine grows intrigued and excitedly drives away with her partner on their Jaguar. 

However, like the infamous lawless couple, they get caught by the police. Despite being arrested for trespassing, Jasmine remains infatuated and begins to crave more of the high that comes with loving her on-screen boyfriend.

Innovative in her creative writing skills, Jasmine’s music continues to evolve to bring new depths into the pop genre. With “Jaguar,” Jasmine Ortiz was inspired to write about an adrenaline rush when trying something new—a feeling she knows that has been enjoyed by many. 

“I really just want to connect with people and share the thoughts and feelings that they might have had themselves, but into an easily palatable format, like a song,” the pop princess shares.

Jasmine’s fervent drive to bridge the gap between her and her fans and her passion for her craft as a singer-songwriter pushed the young artist to introduce new elements into her repertoire. 

Hinting at an edgy and creative track that perfectly captures Jasmine Ortiz’s talent and boundless potential, “Jaguar” is already predicted to go viral. For Jasmine and her growing following, April 23, 2021 can’t come soon enough.

Mark the calendar. Hear the Jaguar’s engine purr and stay updated on the details of the single’s upcoming release. Walk into Jasmine Ortiz’s colorful world by dancing to her latest hits or learn more about the multi-talented artist on Plugstar Entertainment’s official website.

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