The Venezuelan singer-songwriter, Mikel Aitor, continues with a new single “Marina del Rey” directly from Los Angeles

The Venezuelan singer-songwriter Mikel Aitor continues to reveal to all his followers each of the songs that will appear on his next album that will be released in 2021. With this new song “Marina del Rey”, he is inspired by an area in Los Angeles where Aitor currently resides and a lot of influence from it came from experiences in this area by trying to represent a little the sound of the marina, the boats and the lighthouse with the inclusion and melody of the Synth at the beginning and end of the track.

However, “Marina del Rey” is an intimate and organic song that reflects, among other details, the composition process with Mikel’s songs. It expresses a positive inspiration-based phrase in the choir: “Sing and that is to say, it sings and that is to say that it will arrive”. For him, it represents a mantra that he uses in the search for melody and lyrics. Giving a coastal vibe to the rest of the song.

So much so that all the lyrics play with a double meaning in this regard, between the creative journey to create a piece of music, the longing, and nostalgia for old irretrievable moments, not only in love but also in friendship, family or person that one remembers with a lot of emotions, even when it’s been a long time, Therefore, “Marina del Rey” is one of the favorites to date and one of the ones that most surprises the musician himself.

The team could not be absent, in the mix and the master was in charge of Marcel Fernández, Venezuelan audio engineer and winner of the Latin Grammy for the album Where will girls play? by Molotov in the Best Rock Album category. “Working with Marcel was incredible, he found the perfect sound for the song immediately and took it exactly where he wanted it to,” says Mikel Aitor.

The remaining work is carried out by the Caracas man in production and art from his home studio in Los Angeles, which is called: El Banquito Studios. In a few weeks through @MikelAitor the release date of the animated video of “Marina del Rey” will be revealed.

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