Pure Path Green Technology Launches Machine to Recycle Used Lubricant Oil to Diesel

Pure Path Green Technology announces the launch of used oil recycling machines or equipment to recycle used lubricant oil to diesel. The company’s equipment and distillation plant go through meticulous cleaning to produce unspoiled diesel or base oil.

Chongqing, China – April 14, 2021 – Pure Path Green Technology announces the launch of a used oil recycling machine or equipment to recycle used lubricant oil to diesel. Today, there is development worldwide in all sectors including oil and energy. With it, there is the advent of modern technologies to replace old, obsolete technology. Though modernization and urbanization have made lives convenient, it has diminished life’s quality. That is because of loads of waste created every day due to development and urbanization activities. When it comes to humans, natural habitats, and species of animals, they are having a tough time due to the after-effects of so much waste production.

The adverse effects of waste creation are infinite. It leads to global warming, environmental pollution, reduced lifespan, and an increasing number of ailments. All this is happening because of untreated waste that emits toxic materials to the environment.

When asked about the solution to this problem, the CEO of Pure Path Green Technology says, “The rational way to reduce environmental waste is by reducing, reusing, and recycling by using our machines to turn waste engine oil recycling to diesel. Though most people perceive it as a traditional method, age-old tactics may produce beneficial results together with the use of modern, avant-garde technologies.”

Today, most cars and vehicles as well as industrial waste have used oil that could be easily recycled and used again through Pure Path Green Technology’s used oil recycling equipment. The company’s purpose is to manufacture and sell waste oil recycling equipment to change used lube oil re-refining to base oil.

The spokesperson of the company said to reporters, “When it comes to petrochemical and manufacturing sectors, they may distill used oil into lubricants, turning them into fossil oils, and use the same as raw materials. Again, used oil filters have scrap metal that they can re-utilize as scrap feed by the steel manufacturers. It means that there is a need for a waste oil distillation plant more than ever.”

The company’s goal is to recycle used oil to diesel or base oil using our pre-owned oil recycling equipment, which has passed the ISO9001-2008 quality standard, EPA certification, and CE certification. When it comes to the development, research, production, and sales of waste oil recycling machines in China, Pure Path Green Technology is the leading in the oil and energy sector.

About Pure Path Green Technology:

Pure Path Green Technology creates and manufactures full, turnkey, and skid-mounted machines that help in recovering near virgin-quality base oil or diesel from waste lubricating oils. The company was established in the year 2007 until now. It has been engineering, testing, designing, installing, fabricating, as well as operating waste oil distilling and distillation equipment since the time the company has been established.

Pure Path is the pioneer of advanced design, wide experience, best engineering potential, and worldwide standard production. It has more than 13 years of ecological engineering knowledge and expertise in creating turnkey, cost-effective, advanced, and skid-mounted used oil recycling machines. Their machines and used oil distillation plants make certain each oil drop undergoes thorough sanitization and cleansing to produce pure base oil or diesel.

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