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With the advent of the Internet era, the privacy problem has been troubling people for a long time. Whether the early indecent photos leak or today’s alarming personal data leak makes people pay attention to their own privacy issues in the Internet era. Recently, authoritative reports show that there are at least more than 3 billion people worldwide who are threatened by data leakage, which indicates that the data security market is worth far more than hundreds of billions.

DiDimessage is an APP that born at the right moment in this environment. As a new encrypted chat software, it is developed based on blockchain. The DiDi is supported by brand-new technology and escorted by experts from all over the world. Such a brand-new encrypted chat software that meets the public’s needs and has strong technical support has gained a good reputation worldwide once it was launched.

Blockchain, the underlying technology of DiDi, is one of the hot words in recent years. What is Blockchain? Blockchain is best known for its “decentralized” nature, which gives blockchain tamper-proof nature, transparency and many other features that have made it so promising in the Internet age. During the research and development process, on top of the existed advantages,  DiDi’s R&D team improved it again, adding new things, like distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm. It also ensures the safety of the user at the same time to the greatest degree, doing everything they can to give the user experience.

Of course, the security of DiDi is guaranteed not only by the blockchain technology but also the encryption algorithm constantly updated by the research and development team according to the latest progress of cryptography. The application of this encryption algorithm stops all possible leaks in full so that users’ privacy security has been in a state of high protection. On DiDi, the chat history will not be uploaded to the server for storage but can only be accessed on the original device, and the private chat information cannot be forwarded. Of course, accessing messages only on the original login device is an inconvenience, DiDi has solved this problem by allowing access to content that is confidential on the server as long as you have a key. This guarantees the security truly, eliminating the risk of leakage at the same time and improving the user experience. Moreover, DiDi also hopes to achieve more significant breakthroughs in the crypto social field, so it is actively reaching out to Telegram and hoping to complete cooperation so that DiDi can take the crypto social field to the next level.

If it’s just a safe chat App, DiDi isn’t going to be popular with users around the world. While eliminating user privacy’s hidden risks, DiDi also integrates the payment function, quantitative investment, exchange, HD blockchain wallet, and other ecological applications. DiDi also dabbled in the investment and financial sector. According to the discussion result with Vitalik Buterin, Didimessage will also serve as a supporting infrastructure for Ethereum, which is also inextricably related to the supporting applications of the DiDi ecosystem. DiDi ecosystem has a built-in investment strategy trading platform — E2. It is reported that this platform has established cooperation with many top investment and research institutions around the world and set up a sound evaluation system. On this platform, users can master the important information of various institutions for the first time and exchange investment experiences with other investors with the software’s social networking function. With a series of high-tech means, DiDi has cast an “iron wall” for users’ privacy security and brought excellent user experience for users worldwide through continuous in-depth research.

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