LOUNGE LAB Barista Robot joined Hyundai Motor’s IONIQ 5 Experience Space

One can experience various things with robot hand drip coffee for an 18-minute charging time.

Cloud technology delivers the same taste of coffee as in-store in catering https://loungelab.io.

Korea’s first robot and barista collaboration café, Lounge X’s robot “BARIS” participated in the launching space of Hyundai Motor’s IONIQ 5.

Retail tech startup LOUNGE LAB said that they installed a coffee robot BARIS in the offline experience space “IONIQ 5 SQUARE,” where visitors can experience Hyundai Motor’s first exclusive electric vehicle IONIQ 5, and provided robot hand drip coffee to visitors.

The event space is designed to let visitors experience various activities with state-of-the-art technology within 18 minutes, the time IONIQ 5 needs to charge 80% of the battery capacity through the ultra-fast charging function. Upon entering, the 18-minute timer on the top display begins, and visitors can take a look at the Hyundai Motor’s first exclusive electric vehicle IONIQ 5 with specialty coffee made by robots in a futuristic space.

The robot BARIS makes a hand drip coffee based on a unique drip algorithm designed by a skilled barista who studied stirring methods that fit the characteristics of the coffee beans. Since BARIS operates in connection with the cloud where the signature algorithm is stored, the same coffee taste as in the Lounge X café can be implemented and provided to visitors.

It also features six robotic motions, such as ‘dancing’, ‘greeting’, and ‘sleeping’, providing sensuous pleasure as if communicating with customers. BARIS is also attractive to the MZ generation, who value equal social values since the robot provides gender-neutral services and can still maintain a personal touch.

Hwang Sungjae, the CEO of LOUNG LAB, said, “The robot BARIS is a contact-free coffee robot that operates purely with electricity. It resembles the goal of IONIC 5 in that it maximizes daily value through eco-friendly electric energy.” And he added, “We are looking forward to the synergy between the two brands with ‘IONIQ 5’, which provides advanced technology experiences to customers.”

Meanwhile, with the recent increase in the number of consumers who prefer contact-free service, the contactless F&B service market is rapidly growing, and LOUNGE LAB is drawing attention with a CaaS (Caffeine As A Service) service that provides coffee and simple food through contact-free robots in premium brand spaces in addition to the seven robot cafés directly operated in Korea.


LOUNGE LAB is a retail tech start-up founded based on “We Augment Space with Technology.” Currently, we are operating a robot-barista collaboration cafe, LOUNGE’X, and an AI-based unmanned store.

Dr. Hwang Sungjae is our CEO, who founded several companies including Future Play Co., Korea’s leading technology accelerator, Fluenty, an artificial intelligence start-up acquired for the first time by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and 6gram Corp., a well-known online butcher’s shop.

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