How to Raise Prices as a Hairstylist

Money can be touchy and triggering for hairstylists. As a business & marketing coach for hairstylists Ashley Diana teaches stylists worldwide on how to raise their prices elegantly and effortlessly.

Evaluate Energy

Burn out & loss of passion are all energy related feelings that can be a critical turning point for stylists. Sadly, many stylists choose to accept this fate.

The truth is that stylists can take this as a clear sign that something has to change. A price increase is a bold way to shake things up and create a vision for a more exciting future as a hairstylist.

Evaluate Schedule

Independent stylists have the beauty of being able to create and design their ideal schedule and income, therefore it’s not imperative to be defined by a number when it comes to determining when stylists are ready to raise their prices. If stylists are only 50% booked, but are unhappy with their income and know they can offer a higher quality service (technical & experience), it’s a sure sign to raise prices.

Evaluate Tips

If stylists are receiving 40%-100% tips, clients clearly love the service they are receiving and can more than fully afford the services.

Yet tips of this grandeur may also suggest:

1 – Prices are too simply too low.
2 – Clients may feel sorry for the stylist.
3 – The clientele is very high end.

Whatever the reason is (maybe it’s one, maybe it’s all), the answer is to raise the prices!

When a stylists’ prices go up, their level of expertise and experience must also increase. It’s critical that stylists’ are investing in themselves and their business each year to grow in this profession.

Increase Skills

Learning ways to improve photography, marketing, social media as well as new techniques are all sure fire ways to become a wealthy stylist.

While many hairstylists believe they are restricted by location, Ashley Diana continues to ensure stylists that there are millionaires in every city that need their hair done.

Ashley assures hairstylists that when they increase their prices, they should be fully prepared (and excited) to lose some clients. This plays into the Law of Vaccuum that Ashley coaches on which states that in order to attract more of what you want, you must first eliminate what (or who) is holding you back.

“There are buyers at every level. You get to choose the clients you want to cater to.” – Ashley Diana

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