Sjogren’s Tracker to Launch Android App In Google Play Store

The symptom-tracking app tailored for those with autoimmune disorders was released in the Apple App Store in December 2020, and will join the Google Play Store this summer.

New York, NY – In the United States, over 24 million people live with autoimmune disorders. Roughly 4 million of those individuals have Sjogren’s Syndrome. Living with and managing autoimmune disorders requires keeping track of specific symptoms, medications, aggravators, comorbidities, and foods, all of which can have a profound impact on how a person feels from day to day. Sjogren’s Tracker helps users track this information, and over time, the app can generate graphics and statistics to help users better understand their conditions. The app is currently available in the Apple App Store and is expected to join the Google Play Store app offerings in July 2021.

As there is no cure for many chronic conditions, people are generally advised by their doctors to keep a journal of their symptoms, medications, and potential aggravators in order to better understand what and how outside factors affect their conditions or trigger flares. Sjogren’s Tracker makes this much easier to do and is customizable to the unique individual using the app. The idea behind Sjogren’s Tracker was conceived in 2019 by Ingrid He, who suffers from Sjogren’s Syndrome herself. The app was first released in the Apple App Store in December 2020, and has already won second prize in the Fordham Foundry’s Pitch Challenge. Sjogren’s Tracker will be able to help even more people with its release in the Google Play Store this summer.

“As someone who struggled with an autoimmune disorder for years and who connected with countless others through social media and support groups, I really wanted to create a symptom tracker that tailored to our collective experiences and could output the kind of information that would help us better understand our conditions,” says Ingrid, the founder of Sjogren’s Tracker. “In creating the app, we connected with a community of chronic illness sufferers via social media. From talking with them, we drew inspiration and motivation. Gathering from personal experience and shared stories, we were able to create a solution that addresses their needs in a simple, accessible way.”

To learn more about Sjogren’s Tracker, please click here or download it in the Apple App Store.

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Sjogren’s Tracker is dedicated to helping those with chronic illnesses manage their symptoms and gain control of their lives. Their mission is to create innovative solutions to improve the lives of users and facilitate communications with physicians. Sjogren’s Tracker believes that businesses need not be solely profit-driven but can also aim to create social benefit.

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