MEYA App: music that re-programs the mind

MEYA App: music that re-programs the mind

“MEYA App: music that re-programs the mind!”
Our mind can be considered a programme in which we hold all our conscious and subconscious beliefs.

The human mind can be considered a programme in which one holds all their conscious and subconscious beliefs. Any self-development journey includes the “re-programming” of limiting beliefs into empowering ones by the repetition of positive affirmations. 

When the practice is regular and fuelled by a strong intention, positive affirmations become a powerful tool to master the mind and tackle any self-limitation people might have in life.

However, how often do people remember to do it?

That’s why MEYA is proposing a new way to practice positive affirmations: making it as enjoyable and easy as listening to a song!

MEYA’s in-house producers have created soundtracks in different music genres – from melodic deep beats to uplifting and empowering electronic house music – all recorded in 432hz, which are fused with the practice.

MEYA has a dedicated section in the app dedicated called “Affirmations”, with a choice of topics and music genres. For maximum impact the users can do the practice as a meditation or can still enjoy its benefits simply using the track as background music: the positive suggestions still reach the subconscious mind.

Tariq Ibrahim MEYA’s co-founder and producers explains:

“Empowering beliefs can be ingrained in the mind with repetition. When we start driving we have to be very present in every moment and, as we repeat the same movements over and over again, our movements become unconscious and we can drive and talk at the same time. The same happens with mental beliefs: the repetition of empowering messages, embedded in the tracks, has an impact to the mind with or without the conscious attention. In this was a song can become a real mental health tool!”

MEYA life coaching and NLP experts suggest at least 21 days of practice to start noticing some results.   

The app is available in a free and premium option which is free of charge for the first 30days. No excuses to not giving it a free try for 30 days and tackle any limiting belief with music!

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