Mountain View Recovery has received Legit Scripts (R) approval and now treats Mental Health

Mountain View Recovery has received Legit Scripts (R) approval and now treats Mental Health

April 15, 2021 – The more individuals learn about addiction, it becomes increasingly clear that mental health and addiction interact in significant ways. Drug rehab centers and mental health facilities are not necessarily mutually exclusive. A comprehensive recovery process involves physical health and mental health, which is something any effective center at the core can facilitate.

At Mountain View Recovery, substance abuse disorders are the primary diagnosis that is treated. Mental health is a significant part of addiction and recovery. Co-occurring disorders, occur when someone suffers from addiction and a mental disorder, these are common and something that can be treated.

Here are some Mental health disorders that can be facilitated and treated at a legit script approved behavioral and mental health facility:

* Depression
* Bipolar Disorder (treated)
* Treated Schizoaffective
* Anxiety/Personality Disorders
* Other Axis II Disorders

In order to effectively treat co-occurring disorders, it’s important to understand a person’s background as fully as possible. This means understanding the genetic history and the various environmental factors that impacted them as the individual grew up. Addiction is complex and unique to each person. Individualized treatment is essential to an effective treatment plan. Thus, it’s important for individuals to understand as much as possible about how the background has impacted mental health and addiction.

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