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Cars and websites have a lot of things in common. They are both technological marvels of the modern age. Underneath their pretty facade are layers of complicated engineering that work seamlessly together and allow us to enjoy the service and convenience that these technologies provide. Both are considered transparent technology. This means that neither requires the user’s understanding of their inner workings for them to be utilized.

But machines are never perfect and the more complex a machine is, the likelier that something will break down eventually. Take cars again as an example. Even with periodic maintenance, cars will eventually wear out. Any road vehicle owner would know, the most serious vehicle issues often do not give perceptible symptoms, at least at the beginning. But when these issues become apparent to the driver, the repairs needed would already be too expensive. The good thing is that the diagnostics needed – ways for the driver to tell if something is wrong with the car – are baked into every vehicle. You can see these as the icons on a car’s dashboard. They tell a driver if the car is losing oil, overheating, or needs to be taken to a mechanic immediately.

However, this article is about websites and not cars. Things can also go wrong with websites. They can get hacked. They can get corrupted. They become slower over time. But unlike cars, the diagnostics – at least ones that would alert the website owner of possible issues – are not built into websites. So, what does a website owner do to watch over his or her website?

To address this growing need of online business owners, website developers, and system administrators, WebsiteSuccessTools offers a line of website monitoring services. These exceptional services allow testing, data collection, analysis, and reporting of website vitals and performance indexes. Each service is tailored to address a different business need.

Take WebsiteSuccessTools’ Uptime Monitoring services as an example. It is the monitoring service that most online business owners would need to ensure that their website is up and running all the time. As its name would suggest, it monitors uptime. Uptime is a measure of a system’s reliability. It is expressed as a percentage of time in which a system can deliver its service. Conversely, the opposite of uptime is downtime.

To monitor uptime, WebsiteSuccessTools’ Uptime Monitoring Services perform several connectivity and service tests on web hosting servers. Series of tests are conducted from several geographically separated test servers. This allows the monitoring service to locate service issues. And depending on the service package selected, uptime monitoring performs its tests from once every 5 minutes to testing every 60 seconds.

The best feature of any WebsiteSuccessTools’ Uptime Monitoring service is that once a serious downtime is detected, the system sends an automatic alert to the website owner or their administrators. This instant response is critical because it allows website owners to have their website service issues quickly addressed. In turn, this shortens the resolution time and prevents prolonged outages from happening. This is the main point of having uptime monitoring: to be able to address website service issues before it affects the customers.

WebsiteSuccessTools offers other types of website monitoring. There is Page Speed Monitoring. This service measures and tracks a website’s responsiveness and overall performance. A slow responding website is almost as bad as an inaccessible website. This is because website visitors will often abandon their browsing activity of a website that is sluggish or unresponsive. Like Uptime Monitoring, the Page Speed Monitoring service sends an alert to the website owner once it detects slow response time with a monitored website.

WebsiteSuccessTools also offers Real-Time User Monitoring. This service is particularly useful for identifying the usage level of the different parts of a website. The service follows users’ site navigation and collects their browsing behavior. It gathers and analyzes millions of actual browsing patterns and the data can be used for troubleshooting or site optimization purposes.

WebsiteSuccessTools offers other kinds of website monitoring services through its website. As a web solutions provider, WebsiteSuccessTools is staying ahead in providing exceptional web monitoring services.

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