A song of friendship and love explored in a book

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – April 15, 2021 – Whether you are making new friends or renewing old ones, learning to navigate the complexities of friendship—which is an important part of growing up—this booked penned by Magaly Heriveaux is the right read for you.

“Sheba’s Song” showcases the characters of Sheba, Ms. Benson, Chante, Tabitha-Ming, Asher-Marie, Chloe, Nadege, Luz, Zaida, Ambrosia, and her “one and only” sister, Zoey. These lovable characters from Hickory Brook Creek will help readers, like children and teens, to learn how to form and keep positive healthy friendships.

The book allows us to appreciate the goodness of Tammy, Mr. Higgins, and Mr. Manchester. The exciting journey will also bring us to the antics of Geraldine, Ms. Beastly, Ms. Cederman, and of course, the infamous “Dungeon Lady” Ms. Dooms-day, and how Sheba endured it.

The book also introduces a sweet lullaby that Ms. Benson (Sheba’s foster mother) sings to her heart: “Sheba, my answer to my dreams. You are as graceful as the breeze. Sheba, you are as priceless as can be, my one and only gem from now ’till eternity”, a song that will have you singing from start to finish.

Despite the focus on some friendship troubles, and extraordinary circumstances, Sheba’s Song’s overall message is positive, reminding the reader that a true friendship will buoy up and support us through the tough times, leaving us feeling our best.

“Sheba’s Song” by Magaly Heriveaux is truly an excellent addition to the library.

“Sheba’s Song is a story that speaks volumes about strength, heart, and growing up by discovering the meaning of happiness, love, friendship, and sisterhood.” – Liz Konkel, Hollywood Book Reviews (Source: https://www.hollywoodbookreviews.com/shebas-song/)

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For more information about Heriveaux and her other works, visit her website at https://magalyheriveauxbooks.com/.

“Sheba’s Song”
By Magaly Heriveaux
Paperback | $9.95 | 6 x 9in | 114 pages | ISBN-13: 978-1478760436
Available at Outskirts Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers

About the Author

Magaly Heriveaux was born and raised as a Christian in Brooklyn, New York, to a very loving parents, who stayed together for over 40 years. She resided in the state of Michigan from 1989-1995 and completed an undergraduate (B.S.) and graduate degree (M.A.) in Psychology (1993, 1995). She graduated and worked in the Social Service field in New York over the next few years. She traveled abroad to Mexico, Barbados, Jamaica, and Germany with loved ones. Afterwards, completed another graduate degree (2005) in New York State.

At this time, she is a Licensed Social Worker (LMSW) in New York State and brings over 15 years of experience. These experiences include: family and children services, mental health, preventive services, and community relations. Her combined experiences entail direct care and managerial services to her clientele, organizations, constituents, and the community.

Currently single and enjoys visiting friends, family, cooking, writing, and going to concerts. She loves to encourage and make people laugh. Spends time reading inspirational books and writing them to help uplift others.

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