Thomas Gelmi Upholds Interpersonal Development as a Key Factor in the Success of Companies Worldwide

The coach works with leaders and their teams worldwide, across cultures and industries.

The triumph or failure of any organization does not just lie in subject matter expertise of its employees but also in their personal and interpersonal effectiveness. Wherever people want to achieve goals together — particularly in leadership, teamwork and customer relations — the ability to connect, build and maintain relationships is critical to success. While most companies are underestimating and therefore lacking these essential skills, Thomas Gelmi, a renowned expert in this field, is an ideal partner to fill the gap.

The international coach and facilitator provides industry leaders with services like executive coaching, team coaching, and comprehensive leadership development programs, all of which build the personal and interpersonal skills crucial for effective leadership, engaged teamwork and trusting customer relations. Due to the global developments, a special focus is put on virtual leadership and collaboration.

Gelmi is based in Switzerland but is working globally. He stands for measurably more impact in leadership, teamwork and customer relations by developing personal and interpersonal effectiveness. He is a renowned executive coach, sparring partner for top executives and trusted advisor, who creates a safe environment for his clients to talk about their challenges and find solutions. Known as an excellent listener with a sharp analytical mind, he poses effective and challenging questions that no one else does and gives honest and respectful feedback.

“There are coaches and there is executive coaching. Then “in a category apart” there is Thomas Gelmi. I came out of the experience not only as a better leader, but most importantly, as a better person. Always empathetic and open-minded, he showed me ways to unlock my potential, assume my limitations, prioritize my work and turn around a team in the midst of an extremely difficult environment. The insights I gained with Thomas from his vast international experience across industries and cultures have given me the confidence and strength I need to make a solid contribution to both my company and my own personal success. Undoubtedly, best investment I made for my future so far!” – Felipe Stevenson, Head Regional Communications Centre, EMEA Swiss Re

Gelmi is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and the author of several books: “Breakthrough,” its German version, “Durchstarten” and “The Coaching Code.”

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About Thomas Gelmi

Based in Switzerland and working globally, Thomas Gelmi stands for measurably more impact in leadership, teamwork and customer relations, by developing personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

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