Jazzmine Thompson Bridging the Gap between Medical Professionals and MMA Athletes

Jazzmine Thompson Bridging the Gap between Medical Professionals and MMA Athletes

One of the reasons people pursue various paths in life is to discover their true calling. People often begin a search for their purpose when they reach adulthood by shifting from one degree to another, jumping between various businesses, and exploring different careers. It can sometimes take a lifetime to discover one’s true calling. And although many people struggle to leave an indelible mark on history, Jazzmine Thompson has done just that.

Founder of Athlete Medical Management (AMM), Jazzmine bridges the gap between combat sports athletes and medical professionals. Her passion and concern for athlete health and safety led her to an exciting career with the best fight organization in the world after working in the medical field for over ten years. As a former Athlete Medical Coordinator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Jazzmine assisted athletes in domestic and international UFC events, took part in The Ultimate Fighter reality show, and in Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series all while establishing her name in combat sports. She assumed responsibility of medical management, licensing, and event medical planning, which allowed her to collaborate with emergency medical services while overseeing the athlete’s medical care.

Jazzmine established AMM in 2018 after consulting with several other fight promoters and identifying a substantial void in adequate medical management. She discovered ways to provide a one-stop shop for combat sports promoters looking to save valuable time and money on the various procedures that are necessary for competition but often complex in nature.

Her most recent contribution to the sport is the launch of her new Combat Sports Care program, which introduces medical providers to Mixed Martial Arts.  As a healthcare consultant, Jazzmine is able to teach providers how to receive cash pay revenue and successfully grow their practices by meeting the demands of combat sports.

Known to be one step ahead of competition, Jazzmine’s company is the only business in combat sports that provides medical management and licensing services for fight promoters nationwide. Because she recognizes the critical connection between the medical and combat sports world, Jazzmine is able to create her own legacy and cement her place in sports history through Athlete Medical Management. 

Recognizing the rapid growth of the sports industry and the increasing rates for medical services, Jazzmine Thompson consistently strives to look for practical ways of providing a less stressful process and more affordable medical services to fighters. She does this while also building a preferred provider network that is specific to combat sports.

People are looking forward to the potential contributions Jazzmine will make in sports after earning the respect of medical professionals, collaborating with some of the world’s best professional athletes, and successfully bridging the gap between these two through her scaling business.

Jazzmine inspires people to break down barriers to make a name for themselves by discovering their true callings, passions, and meaning.

To know more about Jazzmine Thompson and her legacy, you may visit her Instagram for more information.

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