Award-Winning Content Creator and Internet Celebrity, Juanma Salazar Turns Entrepreneur With Tree Connections

Award-Winning Content Creator and Internet Celebrity, Juanma Salazar Turns Entrepreneur With Tree Connections

By David Moos

Juanma Salazar, the highly recognized award-winning content creator has added one more role to his multi-dimensional life. He is now a digital content strategist who helps entrepreneurs and artists optimize their social networks to magnify their online reach and to attract more customers and audiences.

“It was disheartening to note that many entrepreneurs and artists were not sure how to use the digital medium to promote their work and ideas,” says Juanma Salazar. “With the incredible power and reach of social networks, it becomes imperative for everyone to have a commanding online presence. My company aims to help entrepreneurs and artists optimize their social networks and connect better with a wider audience.”

The Florida-based Tree Connections has made a good start and has clients in the United States and Latin America.

Digital channels have become the most preferred resource for businesses and entertainment projects, as they can promote their products and programs vigorously. There are many businesses, singers, actors, comedians, and athletes who use social networks as a primary means to publicize their skills, talents, products, and services.

However, it is not an easy task as there are many complex elements involved in digital marketing. Many artists get frustrated because of their inability to create a buzz for their brand on digital media.

Management of any online channel is a huge challenge and involves understanding the underlying techniques and technology. Most businesses and artists are novices in this field and not tech-savvy. They are not comfortable handling tech-driven platforms and tools. That’s why they are unable to garner impressive numbers for their social channels.

After seven successful years of creating content for various brands and after having run many successful campaigns throughout Latin America, Juanma Salazar has taken a new approach to digital marketing in his role as a digital content strategist.

Most of the clients of Juanma affirm he is unique in his work. With his innovative strategies and his expertise as an expert mentor in content creation, he guarantees them real and organic growth on key digital platforms.

Many of Juanma’s clients have experienced a magical transformation in the intensity and depth of their online presence after working with him for a few months. They have significantly strengthened their image on the internet and are attracting more audiences on their digital channels. Businesses and artists are being able to turn their social networks into the main platform for customer acquisition, sales, talent exposure, and content distribution.

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