Flooring Liquidators Sharing Benefits of White Oak Floors

Flooring Liquidators Sharing Benefits of White Oak Floors

While there are a wide range of hardwood floorings available on the market, many homeowners prefer the white oak floors. Some people may not know the features and benefits of the white oak floors. To help people get a better understanding of white oak floors, Flooring Liquidators wants to share 5 major benefits of white oak floors. 

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Water Resistance

White oak is a closed-grain wood, which means it can hold up moisture and liquid better than other wood types. Therefore, people can install it in most areas except wet bathrooms. 


White oak receives a hardness score of 1360, which makes it harder than red oak, white ash, and walnut. This means that it can endure much foot traffic and provide lasting value for a home. 


White oak wood comes with a myriad of grains and patterns, making it an ideal choice for any home style. It has a grey or brown undertone with a cool hue, so it can fit in with more interior designs than some other wood floors. Moreover, it can help form a contemporary and modern look, making it a popular choice for commercial property as well. People can easily find white oak in a restaurant or a coffee shop.


White oak is a common wood type compared to other exotic wood species. As a result, it is highly affordable for most homeowners.

Rustic look

White oak has a neutral and flat palette so that it can present a more rustic look to the home. If a homeowner prefers a natural farmhouse style, he can easily find white oak intriguing. Moreover, white oak is easy to be sanded or finished, also offering more options to redesign.

While there are a lot more features from white oak, people always take the above 5 factors into consideration when choosing white oak for their home or business. It is also important to talk to a flooring specialist to figure out the details and check the compatibility of white oak and current home style.

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