PROTECTION4KIDS: The NGO That Protects Victims Of Child Trafficking And Cybercrime

Reports against child trafficking and pornography, ethical hacking, server analysis, web investigations: this is how the team of experts at Protection4kids fight violence against children

Is it possible to create a world where technology is not used for criminal purposes but rather as a tool to defend people? ReputationUP, world leader in Online Reputation Management and removal of online content, has founded Protection4Kids for this very aim.

PROTECTION4KIDS is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that operates at national and international level. Its mission is to fight against gender-based violence and assist children victims of child trafficking and cybercrime, through the skillful use of technology and tangible on-site support.

The main vision is clear: working with institutions and building a world where minors victims of trafficking and child pornography are no longer discriminated, but fully reintegrated into society. In this ideal world, technology is no longer seen as a means to sexually abuse children but to provide, instead, a form of protection to them.

How Protection4Kids started

Protection4Kids story was forged from individual experiences of awareness and altruism. To give this story names and faces, the Organization was born from the encounter between Annachiara Sarto’s ideas and Andrea Baggio and Juan Ricardo Palacio’s vision. 

Annachiara Sarto is the Founder of WE ACT, Women Empowerment Against Children & Human Trafficking, and Director of Protection4kids. Andrea Baggio and Juan Ricardo Palacio are respectively CEO Europe and CEO Americas of ReputationUP and co-founders of Protection4Kids. 

“ReputationUP was founded to help companies and professionals solve problems of reputational crisis. Protection4Kids was created to extend that expertise in the more sensitive context of violence against children” – says Andrea Baggio.

We have a concrete possibility of doing good. When we founded Protection4kids we clearly saw how our knowledge in the field of cybersecurity and digital forensic analysis could help others” – points out Juan Ricardo Palacio.

The PROTECTION4KIDS team is committed to fight daily – at both national and international level – against child trafficking and online pornography. Volunteers and all organization members work to assist the victims of such crimes, so that they can be reintegrated into society and look at an alternative future.

Organization goals

The NGO is working on two fronts. On the one hand, through a wise use of technology, which allows to provide services of the highest level; on the other hand giving help and tangible on-site support.

The ultimate shared goal is one: helping the victims of child trafficking and pornography.

Protection4kids operates at national and international level, carrying out a series of projects and campaigns. The main objectives are:

• Fighting human beings trafficking and, in particular, child trafficking.

• Helping adult and children refugees in camps. Humanitarian missions are currently being carried out on a regular basis in the refugee camps in Lavrio (Greece) and Bosnia. 

• Reintegrating the victims of child pornography and cybercrime into society.

Protection4kids uses the most innovative technologies and knowledge of cybersecurity experts. The team of professionals cooperates with the institutions to track down the culprits of such crimes and properly punish them.  All together, the NGO helps remove from the web any track that might be harmful to the victims.

The final objective is to promote the creation of a large international humanitarian network – made up of associations, experts and volunteers – aimed at sharing information and implementing targeted and effective action plans. This is why Protection4kids is also engaged in a world conference tour, to provide education for appropriate use of the Internet.

About Protection4kids

Protection4kids is an NGO founded by Andrea Baggio and Juan Ricardo Palacio, respectively CEO Europe and CEO Americas of ReputationUP. The organization is committed to providing practical help to children victims of trafficking and online pornography. P4K operates through a wide network of consultants in 50 countries across Europe, South America and the United States. For more information


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