VoxSun Telecom Offers Next Generation Business Solutions with Cloud-based Communication

Businesses are switching to new and cost-effective ways to communicate through hosted phone systems in the Cloud.

Running a business has never been more competitive. Fast and efficient communication is a requirement for any successful business. VoxSun Telecom offers a reliable and affordable way to communicate with customers anytime and anywhere with their VoIP business phone services.

VoxSun Telecom provides customized communications services – no more, no less than what a business needs. VoxSun’s plans give businesses the flexibility of a phone system hosted in the Cloud, plus features that are typically found in more expensive telephone systems.

According to VoxSun, their services can reduce communications expenses by up to 50%, and offer better pricing compared to their competitors. They are the little fish that thrive in a pond of big fish. VoxSun is able to compete with big companies by ensuring that they know their customers, as well as their needs. This is one of the reasons why the company has earned the loyalty of their clients. Their customers and partners such as Zoho CRM, Remax, Hubspot, and Century 21; have been doing business with them for years.

The limitations of traditional phone systems are eliminated in VoxSun’s systems. The company uses their own network and provides advanced telephone services without the need for complex installations. Their reliable network allows their system to have multiple features such as unlimited incoming and outgoing calls anytime anywhere.

Designed to increase efficiency while saving on costs, VoxSun’s services adapt to businesses’ needs by providing features such as extensions, queues, smartphone apps, virtual fax, toll-free numbers, and conference modules among others all in one integrated system.

Another useful feature of VoxSun’s systems is voice recognition. Upon simply stating the name of the person they are trying to reach, the system will automatically dial the corresponding contact number.

VoxSun’s systems offer a way to help increase sales, employee efficiency, and customer satisfaction through the company’s integration with Zoho CRM through PhoneBridge. PhoneBridge streamlines customer service by integrating an easy to navigate client contact system, reports and analytics system with VoxSun’s phone system all in one platform.

VoxSun’s Zoho CRM integration has Click-to-call. Click-to-call allows employees to dial a customer’s number with just one click. This feature saves time and eliminates errors like misdialed numbers that manual dialing can cause.

Call pop-ups give employees the information that they need upon receiving an incoming call. It saves them the time needed to manually search for the client’s information. This feature also notifies employees of any calls they may have missed, as well as scheduled outbound calls they need to make.

VoxSun’s integration can help businesses improve the quality of their service with the integrated call recordings and voicemail feature, accessible directly on a contact’s file. Call analytics and reports can also be configured to fit the business’ requirements.

VoxSun Telecom’s services are available to businesses across the US and Canada. For more information on VoxSun’s plans, visit http://www.voxsun.com.

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