An Innovative Alternative to Expensive and Bulky Teleprompters and Tripods, PlexiCam® Makes Everyone Look Great in Virtual Meetings and Presentations

PlexiCam® is the first solution that allows users to maintain eye contact without the expense of high-end video studio equipment.

COVID-19 changed the way we connect, forever. Work from home, webinars, virtual events, and virtual teams are here to stay. PlexiCam® is a revolutionary patent pending device that makes it easy for people to connect with their audience in all of these ways without the expense of teleprompters and tripods.

Connecting in person is always better than a phone call or video chat because there’s so much more information shared between two people when they’re both looking at each other. However, on a video call, people instinctively look down at their computer because that’s where the person they are talking to is. But to make eye contact they need to look at the camera. The challenge is… how? PlexiCam® lets you position your webcam anywhere on screen so that you can look at both the camera and the person or audience you’re speaking with. 

teleprompter alternative

According to PlexiCam® co-founder Dan Keldsen, “People who use PlexiCam® rave about their success engaging with audiences, it’s simplicity, and how easy it is to use with their existing setup. The different models make it compatible with virtually any monitor and camera.  

Some of the main features of PlexiCam® are:

  • Made of crystal-clear medical-grade acrylic to let users see right through to what’s on their screen.
  • Attaches to any screen, and allows webcams, mirrorless or DSLR cameras to sit securely on its shelf.
  • Supports 13″ laptop screens up to 65+” monitors.
  • Supports a ring or LED light that can be mounted to a second shelf (optional).
  • Works as a teleprompter by placing it directly below the first line of the document you’re reading and scrolling through the text.
  • Designed and made with love in the USA from two industrial-quality types of acrylic that will not cloud or warp over time.
  • White-label option to brand for customer or employee giveaways with your logo

As a tripod alternative, PlexiCam® is portable and easy to set up with 4 models for different monitor sizes, PlexiCam® Mini, PlexiCam® Pro, PlexiCam® Pro+, and PlexiCam® MAX. PlexiCam’s design and engineering team made sure that it’s flexible enough for any setup while still being sleek and professional-looking. Compared to the typical solutions for video, PlexiCam® doesn’t require a lot of expensive and bulky equipment. Teleprompters cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars, take time to set up, and are anything but portable. With PlexiCam®, users just need their camera and a monitor.  Using PlexiCam® there are no more awkward moments when someone makes an impassioned plea to the audience while looking like they’re talking to their knees.

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About PlexiCam®

PlexiCam™ was built by a group of professionals in the event and broadcast industry dissatisfied with online events that lacked the essential human-to-human connection. PlexiCam® is now on its third-generation device, with an even more versatile and durable design that’s compatible with all monitors and cameras.

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