Global Background Screening Provides Background Check Services Online

Global Background Screening Provides Background Check Services Online

Global Background Screening

Johnson City, TN – April 16th, 2021 – Background screening services ensure you are hiring who you believe you are hiring. People have a tendency to lie or manipulate the truth, whether it is on their resumes, or even divulging their past criminal history.  With a background check, you can guarantee who you are hiring is the perfect fit for your company, your employees, and your customers.  

Recently, the need for background checking services has been on the rise by employers and landlords. The good news for all companies and landlords in the US and worldwide is that Global Background Screening LLC is offering global background checking services. This helps employers and landlords to easily find information they need about potential renters or staff before hiring them.

Employers and landlords understand the importance of conducting background checks. However, it is not always easy for employers or landlords to find the information that they need about their employees or tenants. Global Background Screening (GBS) is solving this problem by providing comprehensive solutions to their clients. The background checks offered on the website are customized to meet the needs of the clients.

The background checks offered by GBS include standard employment background check, healthcare background check, tenant screening services, personal background check, business intelligence reports, people searches and international screening services in over 220 countries. Individual services include verification of school work and certifications, social media and dark web search and credit and financial based searches.

Employers who are interested in taking advantage of this service can do so quickly and efficiently. Here is a quick guide of the services offered:

Standard Employment Background Check

GBS makes it easy for employers to get a complete picture of a potential employee’s criminal history. This makes it easier for the employer to make a quick and efficient choice when it comes to hiring decisions.

The Standard Employment Background Check includes 18 screening services, such as county and criminal database search, global sanctions or terrorist watch lists,  social media search,  civil records search,  sex offender search,  bankruptcies, credit report and verification of educational certifications, past employment history, daily arrest monitoring for a full-year (Post-hire), among other services.


Employers should know who they are hiring by verifying the candidate’s educational background, employment history and other licensing credentials.  Employment verification is done in the US and globally.  This includes both long term and short term work history. It also includes start and end times and reasons for leaving employment.

Employment verification can be one of the hardest things to pre-screen, as sometimes past employers may not be easily reachable or they might have closed shop. That is why utilizing services like GBS is recommended.

Tenant Screening Services

This includes all the essential information a landlord needs to know before renting out to anyone. This comprises information on bankruptcy, criminal, credit history and eviction records.

Personal Background Check

In some instances, an individual might want to see what kind of information potential employers or landlords would see about them, if they were to conduct a background search. If this is the case, then there is the option of carrying out a Personal Background Check.

This search is conducted using the user’s Social Security Number (SSN). Some of the things that can be looked up using this service include criminal and civil records, bankruptcies, sex offender records, global sanctions, bankruptcies and social media searches.

The advantage of using this service is that in case there are any errors, for instance on court records, the user can use the opportunity to get the errors corrected. In addition, checking the deep dark web can reveal if there is any private information belonging to the user that is available or being sold online without their knowledge. The user can then take steps to get their information removed online.

Business Intelligence Reports

This provides comprehensive business due diligence reports. Some of the information that will be provided includes business credit report, directorship, to show past and present director positions that an individual has held, identity verification, bankruptcy details, government and political affiliations, money laundering crimes, disqualified global directors lists, European Union Consolidated Financial Sanctions and World Bank Debarred List.

Healthcare Background Check

This is a standard background check for healthcare workers. This check is compliant with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and EEOC guidelines. This search extends from the Standard Employment Background Check and includes Adult & Abuse Registries, OIG Sanction Reports, FACIS levels I & III, and Medical License Verifications. Daily Arrest and Medical Sanctions Monitoring is also available for a full year after the background check. 

People Searches

This service is appropriate when someone is trying to trace an individual. However, since this search is non FCRA compliant, a user cannot use this information to make employment decisions or to decide whether to rent out a property to an individual.

The more information you provide, the higher the chances of success, when it comes to this search. Some of the required information include full names of the person being looked for, date of birth, county, zip or even social security number, name of employer, cell phone number.

It is also possible to carry out a reverse phone lookup, find out the last name of an individual or find out more information about a person on a dating app or dating site. 

International Screening Services

This service provides information for individuals who have lived or resided outside the US. Some of the data a user will get include education verification in 220 countries, criminal convictions or pending criminal proceedings, international employment verification and background checks for those in the US.

Combining Technology and Human Touch

GBS combines technology with a human touch to provide clients with faster and more accurate results. The agency has over 800 court researchers who search through court, records when a client requests for a background check.

As businesses become more demanding, more and more employers and landlords do not have the time to conduct detailed background searches on their own.

Get Reliable Tenants and Employees

GBS alleviates this problem for employers by providing them with the information that they need. This helps employers to hire qualified and professional employees who can be relied upon and be trusted. Organizations and landlords can select the specific package that they are interested in on the website and fill out the required details. The user will then get a report within a matter of hours or days.

Currently, majority of organizations screen their employees before hiring them. This includes full time employees, part time employees, volunteers and contingent workers. In addition, employers want more details about their workers. The major reasons why companies carry out background screening is to:

• Protect the safety of their employees and clients

• Get quality hires

• It is required by law

In some cases, employers discover discrepancies, when they screen their employees. These discrepancies could have been easily missed if screening was not done. Some of the most common issues include salary inflation, false job titles, false educational qualifications and untrue reasons for resignation.

Screen Existing Employees and 24/7 Arrest Monitoring

In most cases, new employees are the ones who get screened. However, there is a need to also rescreen existing employees. One of the instances this may apply is when a candidate is being promoted.

Knowing more about someone’s past will help an employer or landlord decide whether they pose a threat. GBS background services allow users to find out the information they need and to know whether the people they are dealing with are telling the truth about themselves.  Discovering information helps companies and landlords be cautious and take the necessary steps to protect their interests and property.

Utilizing the newest technology for reducing workplace risk, GBS provides daily arrest monitoring on applicants. This provides employers an alert when one of their employees has been arrested for any serious crimes. This has been proven to reduce workplace violence and losses by more than 30%.  

Screening International Employees

For some companies, hiring foreign workers may give them a competitive edge, as the workers have an international working experience. An international employee can help to fill up skill gaps and provide diversity in the workplace.

As companies gain more access to a wider pool of talent in a connected world, it is important to screen international job candidates. Some candidates may be trying to escape a negative record in a different country. It is also important to screen local candidates who have studied abroad before returning to their home countries. Inadequate screening or failure to screen international candidates can pose a threat to a company.


Clients from different countries and in different industries can rely on Global Background Screening LLC for background checks. Employers and landlords are invited to check out the services offered on the website, as it may be beneficial to them.

About Global Background Screening LLC

Global Background Screening LLC is a global leader with offices in Georgia and Tennessee. They’re dedicated to providing employers, organizations and landlords with solutions and data that helps them to evaluate employers and tenants quickly and make smart decisions about who they hire or choose to rent to. They are available 24/7 online by chat. If you’d like to talk to someone, call them between 8.30 a.m. – 7 p.m. EST on their toll free number 1-855-561-5890.

GBS has successfully met the requirements of the FRAC and is formally recognized by the EEOC.

In addition to its core services, which is employee screening; GBS also provides anonymous STD testing services in 50 states in the US in labs located close to where their clients are. In addition, they can discreetly ship STD tests to any address.

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