Speed up the Transformation and Upgrading of Yunnan’s Tourism, Reshaping the New Image of That

In recent years, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has closely focused on the requirements of protecting Yunnan tourism – the gold-lettered signboard. It firmly established and implemented the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, opening, and sharing, and taken a series of robust measures to speed up the transformation and upgrading of Yunnan tourism and reshape the new image of that in the direction of “internationalization, high-end, wisdom and characteristics”.

Promote the Construction of Western Yunnan Tourism Ring Line


The Western Yunnan Tourism Ring Line is an essential practice of Yunnan to practice “green water and mountains, golden mountains and silver mountains”. According to the introduction, the total length of the Western Yunnan Tourism Ring Line is 3200 km, connecting 13 prefectures and cities with the richest resources, the most concentrated resources, and the most significant development potential in the province, forming an “8” shaped great ring line. Along the line, there are 1079 tourism resources with high development value, 107 national intangible cultural heritage, 139 national cultural relics protection units, and 55 high-level tourist attractions. Based on these resources, several key cultural and tourism projects will be planned and constructed along the line, focusing on the layout of the Banshan hotel project, high-grade scenic spots, tourist resorts, characteristic towns, outdoor sports projects, etc., to create a new type of tourism destination that the world yearns for and tourists forget to return.

To promote the construction of Banshan Hotel, Yunnan Province has issued a point-to-point land supply policy to support the construction of Banshan Hotel and increase support in loan discount, publicity, and marketing Banshan Hotel. Since March 2020, all parts of the province have actively explored the construction and operation mode of Banshan Hotel. Several hotels such as Lijiang Hylla, Diqing Shangri-La, and Linden Centre meet Banshan hotel requirements. Also, several enterprises such as SUNAC Culture & Tourism, China Tourism Group, Chinese National Geography, and Xiangban Cultural Tourism, Linden Centre, and Tsingpu Retreat and Culture have invested in constructing the Banshan hotel project in Yunnan Province. There are more than 70 construction projects, 24 of which have started or plan to start. It strives to build and operate more than 50 Banshan hotels in the whole province by 2021 and more than 150 Banshan hotels by 2025.

Promote the Construction of Several Major Projects

According to the direction of “internationalization, high-end, characteristic and wisdom” and the idea of “building and operating a batch, accelerating the construction of a batch, reserving and attracting investment a batch”, a batch of key cultural and tourism projects are selected and promoted in the whole province. Among them, according to the standards of meeting the requirements of “four modernizations”, investing more than 1 billion yuan, and being able to be built and operated within three years, 37 provincial major cultural tourism projects were selected in the province; around the cultural tourism integration, vacation and health care, outdoor sports, research and scientific research, rural tourism and border cross-border, 50 new format cultural tourism projects and 50 key investment projects were selected and included in the provincial level overall planning Push forward. From January to September, 5.813 billion yuan was invested in local vital projects, and 6.586 billion yuan was invested in new format projects.

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