How Online Reviews Impact a Law Firm’s Success in Today’s Climate

How Online Reviews Impact a Law Firm’s Success in Today’s Climate

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Gerald Singleton, of Singleton Schreiber McKenzie & Scott Trial Lawyers explains how online profiles and client reviews impact businesses.

Online business profiles allow the public to learn more about a company before they use its services. For law firms, online business profiles can show potential clients what area of law they specialize in, their track record for cases won, and other important background information. Learning more about a company can make a potential client feel at ease, especially if the law firm they’re researching has received plenty of positive reviews.

These days, people are spending more time online, doing a little research before they try a new product or service. For businesses, this has made online reviews more important than ever before. The team from Case Engine, a digital marketing and public relations company for lawyers, spoke with Gerald Singleton, of Singleton, Schreiber, McKenzie & Scott, to discuss online business profiles and the power of positive client reviews.

A Look at Singleton, Schreiber, McKenzie & Scott

We spoke with Gerald Singleton, of Singleton, Schreiber, McKenzie & Scott, to get a little background on his firm and learn what areas of law he and his fellow attorneys specialize in. Currently, Singleton’s firm focuses on fire litigation, mass torts, personal injury, civil rights, and criminal defense. The firm mainly focuses on individuals and businesses that have been damaged by utility fires. They take cases all over the state of California, and they often go after one of the three top utility companies in the state. These companies provide roughly 80% of the electricity to the state of California, which goes to show, this firm isn’t afraid to stand up to major companies.

Additionally, they have a mass tort practice that represents about 800 people in suing Mansanto for the round-up problems.

Just How Important Are Google Reviews?

Most people are familiar with Google, a popular and powerful search engine that millions of people use. Google My Business allows people to get a closer look at a firm, learn more about the attorneys, and read what clients had to say regarding their experience working with the firm. When we asked Singleton how he felt about Google reviews and whether or not he found online reviews helpful or effective in gaining new business, Singleton answered that Google reviews always help, but in regard to his business, they rely on their campaigns on either mass torts or fires. So, they are seeking out people rather than people seeking their help in most circumstances.

Online profiles and client reviews are just one way to attract potential clients and earn new business. In many cases, a combination of business profiles, reviews, and ad campaigns can be the most effective way to see an increase in new client consultations each month.

Contact Singleton, Schreiber, McKenzie & Scott

Finding the right online profile is key to seeing the type of results many firms are looking for. For Singleton, his firm relies on campaigns for mass torts to boost new client consultations.

Google My Business is just one platform firms can take advantage of if they want to build their online presence and see significant growth over several months.

To learn more about Singleton’s firm, interested parties can contact them directly by phone or by filling out their online contact form found on their website.

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