“Finding Laurie” is Michael Schwed’s True Story of Searching for His Deceased Child

"Finding Laurie" is Michael Schwed’s True Story of Searching  for His Deceased Child

Finding Laurie, a story written by Michael Schwed, is a heart-warming account of love and redemption. Published in the year 2011, “Finding Laurie” has touched many people’s lives, inspiring them to seek the deeper meaning of life. The work will appeal to every age group, especially those who suffered tragedies, the supernatural, and spiritual events.

The story begins in 1977 when Michael’s five-year-old daughter dies unexpectedly. Stricken with grief and seeking reasons for what occurred, he began to remember several signs of this impending tragedy. In the days that followed, Michael’s eyes begin to open to a new possibility that his daughter still existed. This began when his life was saved by his daughter as he drove home late at night. He fell asleep at the wheel of the car and awakened  by his daughter calling out to him. This convinced him to search for her.  This would lead him to a journey that would take 33 long years before he would find Laurie.

“This is a heartbreaking yet moving tale of a father’s search for his deceased child. I could not put it down. It leaves you with hope and a new understanding of what God is. It’s a must-read”, says an impressed reader.

Finding Laurie” is a heart-warming story of a father’s love for his lost daughter. The book is available from Amazon.

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